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WWE News: Bully Ray shoots on recent twitter war with Randy Orton

Is this the end of the Bully Ray-Randy Orton feud on social media?

What did the Bully Ray have to say about his twitter banter with the WWE Champion?

What’s the story?

Former WWE Superstar Bubba Ray Dudley, currently wrestling under the name Bully Ray, responded to the comments Randy Orton directed at him on the Busted Open Radio Podcast.

Bully Ray also spoke about his history with Orton and how their twitter banter started.

In case you didn’t know...

Orton took a shot at the independent circuit when he re-tweeted a message from Wrestling Legend Rip Rogers who broke down what he believes every indy wrestling match has become nowadays.

Bully Ray would join in on twitter by tweeting a picture of himself diving from the top rope at a Ring of Honor show with the caption “dive.”

Orton would reply to Bully Ray’s tweet claiming there was a difference between a young wrestler diving and a veteran diving.

Bully Ray would fire back by tweeting to Orton his tweet had nothing to do with him. The most interesting part of the tweet was Bully Ray’s shot at Orton for his House of Horrors Match at Payback.

The heart of the matter

Bully Ray discussed his tweet of him diving and claimed that it was made just for fun.

“I was making fun of myself, so the post that I put up there of 'dive' was kind of a tongue in cheek joke at myself because here I am the veteran and I'm doing a dive. I had no idea about anybody else's stuff, but I guess it was coincidental”

Ray went on to claim that if he had any problems with the comments of Rogers or Orton, he would’ve tagged both men and confronted them on his issue up front. Bubba also clarified why he said that Orton was wrong again.

“And the reason why I said Randy Orton is wrong again, is because me and Randy actually have a very long history. People may or may not know the story, and I'll try to give you the cliff notes version of what happened - About 15 years ago there was a live event between me and D-Von and Randy Orton and Batista. It was just one of those matches that just did not go the right way. It was a snake bitten match. I wound up hurting my back, Randy wound up hurting his leg and his shoulder, Dave wound up hurting his tricep - it was just one of those bad nights. Those guys held a little bit of a grudge from that night, and it went on for a long long long time. 

However, Ray went on to say that the two made up years later on his return. 

What’s next?

Bully Ray claimed that he didn’t know why Orton went after him on twitter but claimed that it would probably be settled when the two cross paths again. Here’s hoping that they do.

Author’s take

Hopefully, Orton’s comments were just him having a little fun at Bully Ray’s expense and nothing more. If not, there will likely be more of this back and forth to watch in the future.

As far as the argument from Rip Rogers goes, wrestling is ultimately a form or art and is completely subjective. Some fans may desire a more fast-paced product while other fans prefer a focus on storytelling. It ultimately depends on what you prefer.

This isn’t the first time the indy-style of wrestling has been called out and it won’t be the last. 

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