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Bully Ray teases his return to TNA Impact Wrestling

Bully Ray showed up at House of Hardcore and cut a promo on Matt Hardy.

Bully Ray to return to TNA Impact Wrestling?

Bubba Ray Dudley recently showed up at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore live show at Philadelphia on Saturday and teased a TNA Impact return. Bubba spent about 10 years of his career, from 2005 till the summer of 2015 with TNA Impact Wrestling under the ring name Bully Ray. He simultaneously spent a lot of time on the Indie circuit, specifically House of Hardcore with Team 3D before signing with WWE again in 2015. 

Bully Ray had also been announced as a TNA Hall of Fame inductee and it was around that time that he put Dixie Carter, the then president of TNA, through a table.

The Dudley Boyz made their WWE return in 2015 where they spent a year before announcing their retirement very recently in the WWE ring where they were interrupted and attacked by The Club, comprised of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Following this, there were rumors of the Dudley Boyz moving on to the Independent scene while some believed their WWE contract would be renewed guessing that their retirement speech was interrupted to open up a storyline feud between the two stables.

At Saturday’s live show, however, Bully Ray showed up in the ring saying that he wasn’t there to fight and was there to support his friends and the House of Hardcore. He spoke about how House of hardcore is like his home and went against Matt Hardy saying that he wouldn’t let anyone burn his home to the ground before asking Matt how he would feel if someone showed up to his house and burnt it to the ground. 

Bully then announced that he will be showing up to the Impact Zone where Matt is currently employed and mentioned that he had already successfully burnt it down once and put Matt’s boss, referring to Dixie Carter through a table. He then threatened to put Matt’s wife and son through the same kind of ordeal as the former TNA Wrestling president, and by this time, anyone watching the show was certain of the fact that Bully’s return to TNA Impact was imminent, to say the least.

Bully Ray is convinced that he still has a few good years of wrestling in him and will hopefully prove it to the TNA Impact audience in the following months. Check out the twitter video below that a fan posted of the promo and tell us what you think about Bully rays return in the comments.

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