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WWE News: Carmella admits that she finds James Ellsworth appealing

The Princess of Staten Island seems to have a thing for James Ellsworth

There is a new relationship angle being teased between James Ellsworth and Carmella

WWE seem to be concocting a new love angle for James Ellsworth and his lady love is none other than the Princess of Staten Island herself, Carmella. For the second week in a row, Carmella interrupted a backstage interview on SmackDown Live featuring Ellsworth.

In a backstage segment, Ellsworth was sharing his feelings about the instances when he was poked fun at. James Ellsworth played the victim as he described numerous instances when he was overlooked or made fun of because of his tiny build or his unkempt appearance.

He acknowledged the fact that he looked different and people would often make fun of his face calling him ‘chinless’.

He would continue to shed light on his recovery when Carmella appeared in the frame and disrupted the interview. She went on to say that unlike the other trolls on the internet and in locker rooms, she was of the view that James Ellsworth is ‘uniquely attractive’.

Last week on SmackDown Live, James Ellsworth was dealt the beating of a lifetime when AJ Styles took him out of the picture once and for all. AJ got the pinfall over Ellsworth with just a forearm but he was far from over. AJ punished Ellsworth at ringside and even suplexed him into the barrier.

This went on until the point that EMTs rushed to the scene and carried Ellsworth away on a stretcher. It was in a backstage segment last week that the seeds of a romantic storyline were sown when Carmella took a banged up James Ellsworth away from the locker room area, and promised to nurse him back to health.

This week at the Allstate Arena, Ellsworth still looked out of sorts as he is still recuperating from the savagery that he was subjected to by AJ Styles last week during his match for the WWE Championship.

The segment was posted in its entirety on WWE’s YouTube channel:

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