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WWE News: Carmella and Corey Graves call out trolls

Gary Cassidy
3.70K   //    21 Dec 2017, 03:03 IST


What’s the story?

In the past hour, both Ms Money In The Bank Carmella and commentator Corey Graves have called out trolls criticising them via Twitter. The comments attacked both stars' ability to do their jobs in WWE.

In case you didn’t know…

This is something that happens all the time to WWE Superstars, particularly heels, as we've seen in the past with Kevin Owens receiving some pretty awful comments about his appearance and his children. Owens used to call out almost anyone who would attack him via Twitter, however, things took an unprecedented turn last week when KO's wife's social media was hacked, with the culprits posting a false accusation of Owens being unfaithful under her guise. Sometimes these comments are malicious, sometimes they're just silly comments, but wrestlers' reactions are almost always entertaining.

The heart of the matter

Carmella had received this obviously well thought out argument with an intellectually executed point about her in-ring ability...

But the Princess of Staten Island responded brilliantly, thanking the "fan" for his comment, and correcting his grammar at the same time. We wonder how he'll react when she cashes in her Money In The Bank briefcase for a shot at the Women's Championship.

Corey Graves had a very similar situation, receiving this incredibly polite tweet from a Clash of Champions viewer who, for entertainment purposes, we'll assume doesn't speak Spanish...

Yet again, Graves responded brilliantly.

Graves' sarcasm is constantly showcased on RAW and SmackDown, particularly the latter when speaking with Byron Saxton, so we don't know why this user would dare tag Graves in his tweet, that's just asking for trouble!


What's next?

Well, we definitely haven't seen the last of WWE Superstars receiving less than complimentary tweets, but it's interesting to see more and more Superstars addressing them. It's a bold move, but you can definitely empathise with the stars being criticised. Particularly when you're putting your body on the line for the entertainment of these so-called fans.

Author’s take

I always think it's great to see wrestlers answer their critics, but it could set a dangerous precedent. Either in the aforementioned Kevin Owens scenario, or just more people wanting to grab the attention of the Superstars and criticising where they usually wouldn't - purely to get a response.

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