WWE News: Carmella finally reveals the reason behind her breakup with Big Cass

Carmella finally speaks about her break up
Carmella speaks up about her break up

What's the story?

Speculation began a few months ago that Carmella and Big Cass had gone their separate ways after it was noted that Carmella had removed all of the images of her and her former boyfriend from Instagram and Social Media.

This speculation has finally been made official recently since Carmella has publicly revealed the reasons behind their split, on the latest episode of Total Divas.

In case you didn't know...

Miss Money in the Bank has been in a relationship with Big Cass ever since the duo were working together on NXT alongside Enzo Amore. Their relationship had hit a few road bumps over the past few years since Cass was promoted to the main roster without Carmella, back in 2016. Later, Carmella was promoted to the opposite brand to her boyfriend.

The duo seemed as though they were trying to find a way to make their relationship work by finding time together outside of their contracted hours, but Cass's recent knee injury could have been one of the biggest issues that the couple had to overcome.

It was also well-known that the couple bought a house together only a few months ago, which has only added to the shock that the couple have recently decided to end their relationship.

The heart of the matter

On the latest episode of Total Divas, Carmella was finally able to reveal the reasons behind the split between herself and Cass as she sat down with fellow WWE star Natalya and talked about where the couple went wrong.

Carmella talked about how the couple had recently bought a house together and even though that is usually seen as a good sign, it seemed to mean the opposite for their relationship. But there was more to their issues than disagreements about a house, as Carmella revealed that she believed that her long-time boyfriend has no plans to marry her.

His recent knee injury then became a source of problems for the couple as well since Cass's time on the treatment table became a source of negativity for the couple. This apparently went on to impact their relationship.

What's next?

It is being rumoured that Big Cass will be making his return in the Royal Rumble next weekend, whilst his ex-girlfriend is set to make history along with 29 other women as she steps inside the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match.

Author's take

Cass and Carmella were a cute couple on WWE TV for a number of months when they were in NXT, but it seems that WWE is a hard environment to be able to make relationships work. Many couples have had the same issues, but it seems that both stars are now free to concentrate on having memorable wrestling careers instead.

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