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WWE News: Carmella narrates hilarious story of man questioning her about Money In The Bank briefcase

Johny Payne
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Carmella wasn't amused about having her siesta spoiled by a co-passenger
Carmella wasn't amused about having her siesta spoiled by a co-passenger

What’s the story?

Carmella has taken to social media so as to narrate a hilarious story of her experience with a co-passenger on her recent aeroplane trip.

Carmella noted that the man woke her up just to inform her about the seat-switching that’d just taken place, besides also questioning the 'Fabulous One' about her WWE Money In The Bank briefcase.

In case you didn’t know…

Carmella has been performing for the WWE since 2013. She started off as a valet for Enzo & Cass and later transitioned to the role of an in-ring competitor.

The 30-year-old, much like most other full-time WWE Superstars, travels from city to city so as to compete at WWE events over the world. While most performers usually drive from one region to another, airplane trips are often required, particularly in cases where the performers in question need a faster mode of transport to arrive at a city on time.

The heart of the matter

Carmella was recently on an aeroplane, travelling from one city to the other—and was asleep, only to be woken up by a co-passenger who informed her that he’d switched seats with the man who was originally seated next to the WWE Superstar so the man could sit with his wife.

Carmella didn’t seem too thrilled about being woken up, and posted her thoughts on the same on Twitter later on—

Furthermore, Carmella also recalled that the man who woke her up later saw her Money In The Bank briefcase below the seat in front of her and proceeded to ask her the following questions—

“Do you work as a marketing rep for a bank? Which bank is it? Do you have a million dollars in there? Should I be scared sitting next to you?"

What’s next?

Carmella presently holds the Money In The Bank briefcase that she won in mid-2017, and recently attempted to cash-in her briefcase on SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, however, as the latter fought back, Carmella refrained from going forward with the cash-in and retreated to fight another day.

Author’s take

Carmella does have a great sense of humour, and never ceases to amaze the WWE Universe with her wit.

Regardless, it was a bit rude on part of the man to wake Carmella up out of the blue, as he could’ve easily waited until she woke up by herself before informing her about the seat-switch. Well, that’s just the kind of wacky experiences one earns while travelling all year round. 

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