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WWE News: Carmella on possibly moving to RAW, dealing with cyberbullying

Johny Payne
16 Apr 2019, 05:49 IST

Carmella considers SmackDown home, but is seemingly open to a move from the blue brand to RAW
Carmella considers SmackDown
but is seemingly open to a move from the blue brand to RAW

What's the story?

In a recent interview with TV Insider, former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella weighed in on a myriad of topics.

Carmella opined that she finds the SmackDown Live brand to be her home, and spoke in detail about her accomplishments on the blue brand.

Additionally, Carmella opened up on the possibility of her being drafted to Monday Night RAW, besides also revealing how she deals with cyberbullying.

In case you didn't know...

Carmella, whose real name is Leah Van Dale, signed with the WWE back in 2013, and eventually worked her way to the very top of the Women's Division -- earning a Women's Money in the Bank contract, and subsequently, the SmackDown Women's Championship.

In light of her tireless work in the blue brand's Women's Division, certain sections of the professional wrestling community have hailed Carmella as one of the best mic workers in the WWE today.

The heart of the matter

Speaking to TV Insider, Carmella elucidated that she considers SmackDown Live to be her home, particularly since she has spent a considerable amount of her time in WWE on the blue brand.

"The Fabulous One" added that while being drafted to RAW would be weird, she's excited for the Superstar Shake-Up nonetheless, especially after her having won the WrestleMania 35 Women's Battle Royal.

Besides, Carmella explained that she has accomplished quite a lot in the WWE, right from holding wins over Superstars such as Asuka and Charlotte Flair, to winning the Money in the Bank contract, the SmackDown Women's Title, and then her current babyface pairing with R-Truth.

"The Queen of Staten Island" noted that she completely changed her on-screen character, and the fans like her now. Carmella added that she hopes to have a good run as a good guy character, but doesn't know what the future holds for her.


Furthermore, Carmella drew attention to the fact that she's an avid follower of the fashion industry, and always tries to change her in-ring gear -- adding that the current version of her WWE character with black hair (her original hair color) is the closest her character has ever been to how she is in real life.

Moreover, Carmella provided the following statements on how she deals with cyberbullying as a WWE Superstar and public personality --

"As superstars we're putting ourselves out there, so of course we're going to be critiqued."
"That comes with the territory and our job. Obviously, now everyone has a voice and can say whatever they want and feel. That's great, but it is hard not to take some things said personal.
"Especially, when I had the title. That was something really hard for me. Everyone was going in on me every single day. Ever since then, I realized that at the end of the day, it's great everyone has a voice, but it doesn't mean you have to listen to them. Doesn't mean it's right. I realize I know who I am and how hard I work. That's all that matters."

What's next?

Carmella is likely to continue being presented as one of the top Superstars in the WWE Women's Division -- be it on RAW or SmackDown -- in the days to come.

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As of this time, the WWE is yet to have Carmella commence her next on-screen feud -- something we can expect to change sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts on Carmella's statements? Sound off in the comments!

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