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WWE News: Carmella teases inter-gender match involving James Ellsworth and Becky Lynch for SmackDown LIVE

Is Becky Lynch about to destroy James Ellsworth?

News 06 Nov 2017, 21:25 IST

Becky Lynch and James Ellsworth to wrestle at SmackDown LIVE?
Becky Lynch and James Ellsworth to wrestle at SmackDown LIVE?

What's the story?

Becky Lynch and Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella have been engaged in a war of words on Twitter recently, with the rivalry between the two spilling out outside of the ring.

However, Carmella's recent tweet suggests that Becky Lynch might find herself in the first inter-gender match the WWE has had for a while.

In case you didn't know...

Becky Lynch has been sidelined on SmackDown LIVE as of late with Natalya and Charlotte feuding over the title, however, she's recently been crowned captain of the SmackDown LIVE women's Traditional Survivor Series match team.

This had led to her continued rivalry with Carmella to bubbling over, with the pair exchanging harsh words on Twitter and Becky Lynch eventually calling Carmella out

The heart of the matter

Carmella has since responded to Becky's challenge with a rather interesting proposition suggesting that the WWE Universe could be about to see an actual match between a man and women again inside a WWE ring.

Obviously, this will not be a proper wrestling match like we see with Candice LeRae in the Indy circuit, but a comedy match where Becky Lynch squashes James Ellsworth is more than likely, if indeed the match happens at all.

What's next?

Ever since the PG Era began, the WWE has shied away from putting men and women against each other inside the ring.

Whilst this has probably been for the best, there are definitely some women on the roster who'd be more than a match for a bunch of the men, Becky Lynch definitely being one of them.

Author's take

Obviously, we don't want to be seeing more Umaga vs Maria matches like we've had in the past, but I don't see any reason why the WWE can't have more competitive matches between male and female wrestlers in the future.

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