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WWE News: Cesaro gives an update on the injury to his mouth

Nearly two months after the gruesome injury, The Swiss Cyborg reveals how he is doing.

Cesaro (
Cesaro (with mouth guard in) cutting a promo on Miz TV this week on Raw

What's the story?

Cesaro recently spoke with The National to promote the WWE Live event that will take place in Abu Dhabi on December 7th. In the interview, he talked about several topics, including the now-famous incident that resulted in his front teeth pushed into his gums.

In case you didn't know...

At WWE No Mercy on September 24th, Cesaro and Sheamus took on Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships.

When Ambrose catapulted Cesaro into the corner, Cesaro would sell the shot too close to the turnbuckle causing his two front teeth to be shoved five millimetres into his gums resulting in a lot of blood coming from his mouth in a gruesome scene.

The heart of the matter

Just days after the injury occurred, Cesaro had surgery to repair his teeth. He would not miss any episodes of Raw, but took it easy for a couple of weeks after the injury. He now sports a mouth guard to protect the surgically repaired teeth and gums.

During the interview, Cesaro provided an update on the recovery progress. Take a look at his quote below (H/T WrestlingInc.com):

"They are a lot better. I am still not able to bite anything with my front two teeth. Like I said they went up my gums, and I fractured my jaw bone that is over my teeth and beneath my nose. I fractured that and they had to pull the teeth back down. Now I have lovely braces so to all the kids with braces out there, I feel your pain."

No matter when you see Cesaro on WWE television he has the mouth guard in, even when he cuts promos. It's hard to tell with his promos if it is just a precaution in the event there will be physicality or if at this point it is a gimmick to get the WWE Universe to chant WHAT even more.

What's next?

On last week's Raw, Cesaro and Sheamus regained the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships from Ambrose and Rollins after a distraction caused by The New Day.

This allowed Cesaro and Sheamus to face the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Usos, at Survivor Series this Sunday, live from Houston, Texas.

Author's take

It definitely sounds like Cesaro isn't 100% after that brutal injury. Every time I think about it, my teeth start to hurt. It's definitely a testament to Cesaro's toughness to not miss any time at all from the injury, and even get back in the ring to wrestle a couple of weeks later.

It's great to see him back out there so quickly because the team of Cesaro and Sheamus are one of the best tag teams on the roster today.

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