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WWE News: Cesaro responds to the criticism of being a poor mic worker

The former US Champion believes he has been deprived of chances

Cesaro will wrestle the final match of the Best Of Seven series this Sunday

Former WWE United States champion Cesaro recently held a media call to promote the upcoming UK tour of WWE where he talked about his mic skills, Sheamus and more. Thanks to ESPN, below are some of the highlights from the interview:

Revealing his thoughts about the ongoing Best Of Seven series Cesaro said that he loves this kind of program and its the closest thing to the old days of wrestling:

“I do love this kind of program. It’s not often we get the chance in WWE to do something like that. To me, it’s the closest to the old days when it was all about the wrestling, all about me against Sheamus in the ring without anything on the outside. It has this real sports feel. I kind of had my back against the wall, you know, it’s best-of-seven. I do definitely love it.”

Talking about his opponent in the ongoing Best OF Seven Series Sheamus, the Swiss Superman said that he has always been his biggest adversary:

“I think over my career, if you look at it in WWE, Sheamus has always been one of my biggest adversaries and one of the ones I would like to say I had some very memorable bouts with. It’s definitely fun to be in the ring with him.”

About being stereotyped by many fans as someone who is not so good on the mic, the former United States Champion said that people have not seen him on the mic a lot and he can talk if they let him do so:

“I actually can talk if you let me. That’s always funny, because people always say that I can’t, but the thing is, you haven’t seen me on the mic a lot. I don’t really get that many chances. And if I do, it’s usually pretty good. Certain people get maybe a reputation, and people keep repeating it, and that just becomes their stigma. 

I’m not saying I’m ‘Mr. Microphone’ over here, but I can certainly hold my own. I’ve been fortunate enough to get the chance to prove it lately, and I’m looking forward to getting to prove it some more going forward. The guys who talk are a select few, and I’m working my way to get there.”

Along with this, the WWE star also talked about his recent shoulder injury claiming that he is 100% fit and is getting better every day.

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