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WWE News: Cesaro talks about Samoa Joe's Musclebuster being banned

Samoa Joe's Musclebuster may be the Swiss Superman's Kryponite

“The King of Swing” is looking to vanquish Sheamus in the Best of Seven Series and earn a shot at the WWE Universal Championship

WWE superstar Cesaro has regained his lost momentum coming off the back of two consecutive wins over Sheamus to keep his hopes alive in the Best of Seven Series. He was trailing 3-0 and was looking at a clean sweep by Sheamus when he opened his account at a live event in London. This past Monday night on RAW emanating from Baltimore, MarylandCesaro took the assistance of the ropes to pin Sheamus to reach a more respectable 3-2 score line with two matches to go between them.

Cesaro was recently interviewed by the GMA News Online during his appearance at WWE Live in Manila this past week. During the interview session, Cesaro discussed a number of issues ranging from his current rivalry with Sheamus, PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles, Samoa Joe’s Musclebuster, his travel schedule and how the Cruiserweight Classic is breeding new talent.

Some of the major highlights of the interview are mentioned below.

When he was asked about his current thoughts on the WWE draft and the original disappointment, he said that he did indeed feel a bit frustrated that day. He reaffirmed that SmackDown Live is a good show and he was trying to make RAW better. He said that his current feud with Sheamus was serving its purpose because it is only about the two superstars and it’s about wrestling and did not involve the authority or the general manager. He said: 

“It's a great rivalry and I'm happy to be on Raw.”

Cesaro managed to almost bridge the gap with his win on Monday Night RAW

Cesaro then spoke about Samoa Joe. Let’s take a moment to note that Samoa Joe had injured Tyson Kidd who was Cesaro’s tag team partner at the time in a dark match on RAW in 2015. He said that he wouldn’t mind taking on the former NXT champion but it would have to be with the exception of the Musclebuster, which was the same move that injured Kidd.

Cesaro said that there were a few moves that were prohibited in the WWE due to their dangerous nature, and the Musclebuster should be added to the list. He, however, cleared that he had worked with Joe in the past and would love to do it again.

He also said that he would team up with Tyson Kidd again if he returned. Cesaro also discussed the possibility of going after the Universal Championship. He said that winning the Best of Seven Series was extremely important because that would help him stake his claim for the Universal Championship. He said that he and Kevin Owens, the current WWE Universal Champion, had very different trajectories in the WWE.

He said that Owens had accomplished a lot in a very short time in WWE and definitely deserved the title. However, his road is different and he wants to be the example of the fact that hard work pays when he eventually wins the Universal Championship.

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