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WWE News: "Championship match" which Sheamus or Cesaro will get after best Of 7 series revealed

WWE looks to have been intentionally ambiguous over which Championship match Cesaro or Sheamus will receive.

Cesaro and Sheamus will have a blow-off match at Clash Of Champions

Cesaro and Sheamus were both featured performers on the roster, but prior to their feud, they were in creative limbo with no storyline whatsoever. Cesaro expressed a worked shoot frustration over being drafted to Raw and Sheamus outside his character expressed in an interview genuine frustration and his desire to just be in a good storyline. It looks like both of their wishes have been granted, as they’ve been involved in a lengthy feud. 

During the beginning of their best of 7 series, and during it, Raw General Manager Mick Foley and the Raw commentary team constantly mentioned that the winner of the best of 7 series would be getting a “Championship match” in the future. There was clear ambiguity about this as people did not know if they were referring to a Universal Championship match or a United States Championship match. 

It was rumored that Cesaro will win the series and go on to have a Universal Championship match with Kevin Owens, but it is now being reported that the winner of the series will challenge for the United States Championship instead. Sheamus was 3 up in the series and they even worked a back injury angle for Cesaro. However, as always is in these best of 7 series’, the babyface always makes the great comeback. And that is exactly what happened, as Cesaro won the last 3 matches to even out the series to 3-3.

The feud and series will culminate at Clash Of Champions. While history has favoured heels winning best of seven series’, Cesaro is expected to walk out of Clash Of Champions victorious. If the reward is indeed a US Championship match, then the winner may give us an idea as to who is winning the Roman Reigns vs Rusev match on the same PPV.  If Cesaro wins, he will feud with the heel Rusev, and if Sheamus wins, he will feud with the babyface Roman Reigns.

Sheamus and Roman Reigns feuded last year in November and December for the WWE World Championship. However, if Reigns does win, he will probably be continuing his program with Rusev for at least one more Pay-Per-View, perhaps having a rematch at Hell In A Cell. Roman Reigns was in a Hell In A Cell match last year with Bray Wyatt last year, which he came out successful.

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