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WWE News: Charlotte Flair on having Ric Flair's mannerisms, working with Natalya, and more

Rohit Nath
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Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair

Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair was on Booker T’s podcast, Heated Conversations, recently. One of the things she spoke about, was her father Ric Flair’s, mannerisms and not copying him:

My whole life, I’ve been told, ‘gosh, you walk like your dad and you have his mannerisms’ and it’s funny because people actually ask me, ‘do you watch tape to pick up subtle movements like him?’ And I’m like, ‘no.’ This is going to sound so corny, but it’s so second nature.

She said that following the Raw match after the draft with Sasha Banks, that saw Sasha win her first Women’s Championship, she was walking up the ramp, and when she looked back, someone pointed to her expression and said that she looked just like her father, every aspect. She just said that she didn’t know.

Before The Four Horsewomen took over and started having the classic matches with each other, the go-to match for Women’s wrestling in WWE was Charlotte vs. Natalya, at NXT Takeover, which was the finals of a tournament for the then-vacant NXT Women’s Championship.

The match, which saw Charlotte be crowned as NXT Women’s Champion, is still considered a classic in women’s wrestling.

She also gave her take on working with Natalya back in NXT:

“I say it to this day, I don’t think I would be where I am today, had I not had that breakout moment with Nattie in NXT because I really still wasn’t sure of myself at that time. But Nattie gave me that confidence that I needed and I still tell her to this day, like, ‘Nat, I don’t think I’d be here if you hadn’t given back to NXT and was a general and showed me the ropes.’ I still think that.

She also spoke about how her fellow Horsewomen pushed her in developmental. She said that she knew that Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley all had different backgrounds and more prior experience.

She said that while Becky and Bayley came later, she and Sasha started off together, and she knew that the others didn’t get the opportunities that she did, so she realised that she had to catch up real quick or else she’d be sitting in NXT.

She said that she kept wrestling those three until she started to figure things out on her own. She also said that influenced by all three since they have such different styles.

Charlotte is now arguably the biggest star of the Women’s Division, Raw or Smackdown Live. She was the final Divas Champion and a three-time Women’s Champion.

While many consider Sasha Banks the face of the Women’s Division, many more believe Charlotte is the stand-out star. She has been the workhorse of the division, having a PPV Championship match streak of 12-0!

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