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WWE News: Charlotte Flair possibly injured following SmackDown Women's Championship Match 

Simon Cotton
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Becky Balboa vs, The Queen kicked off SmackDown Live
Becky Balboa vs, The Queen kicked off SmackDown Live

The SmackDown Women's Championship rematch from Super Show-Down ended in a double count-out, but all fans could talk about were the post-match shenanigans between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

Due to Lynch getting herself disqualified to retain the title, the rematch was booked so that Lynch would lose the title if she was disqualified in tonight's match.

Lynch and Flair began the match trading punches, kicks and pinfall attempts without either woman gaining any momentum.

After wearing down Flair, Lynch went for the Dis-Arm-Her, but was caught by Flair who countered with a dragon screw.

Lynch continued to wear down her arm but was eventually dropped to the canvas by Flair who catapulted Lynch into the corner and finished it up with a springboard crossbody to the outside.

The Queen climbed to the top rope but came crashing down to the canvas courtesy of Lynch who pinned her for a near fall.

Flair regained control and started attacking Lynch with Knife-Edge Chops and a Back Suplex and tried to climb to the top rope for the second time, but was thrown to the canvas by Lynch.

Lynch lunged at Flair from the middle rope, but Flair evaded and used a roll-up pin for a near fall.

Flair stopped Lynch from climbing the top rope, but Lynch would grab her arm and attempt an Armbar submission - which Flair counted with a deadlift powerbomb.

Towards the end of the match, Flair and Lynch continued to attack each other at ringside and were eventually counted out to end the match.

But the big moment that had the audience in a roar was when Flair Speared Lynch through the LED board.

This seemed like a normal injury angle at first, but Flair appeared to really be hurt when the camera showed her holding a bloody forearm before the camera panned to the commentators. 

Do you think Charlotte was actually injured the during her match with Becky Lynch?

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