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WWE News: Charlotte Flair reacts to Hell In A Cell victory

Shubham Roy
902   //    07 Oct 2019, 11:03 IST

Charlotte Flair is your new WWE SmackDown Women's Champion
Charlotte Flair is your new WWE SmackDown Women's Champion

Sunday's WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view event saw Charlotte Flair writing her name in the record books once again by defeating WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley to become a record ten-time WWE Women's Champion. While Charlotte reveled in her championship victory after the match, a visibly distraught Bayley was seen on the verge of tears outside the ring.

In a post-match exclusive interview with WWE announcer Charly Caruso, The Queen expressed her views on her recently vanquished opponent and what accomplishments she hopes to achieve soon.

Thoughts on Bayley and the Women's division

In the WWE Exclusive interview, Charly Caruso congratulated Charlotte on her championship win and her recent feat of becoming a female Superstar with the most number of championship reigns.

When asked by Caruso as to how Flair felt after getting the SmackDown Women's Championship back on her shoulders, The Queen responded:

Uh, just means that I fell down nine times and I stood up ten. You know, this is my main priority, it's why I am here. I have always wanted to be the champion, most importantly I wanted to be the SmackDown Women's Champion; feels great, I've said it all along that Bayley's tough girl act was just an act. I know who I am. I am the Queen and no one is better than me and now taking the divsion again to new levels.

Caruso responded by saying that everyone saw Bayley succumb to a breakdown after the match got over and asked Flair if it indeed solidifies her claims on Bayley. The new SmackDown Women's Champion replied by saying:

No, I mean I don't-I get emotional as well but the whole you know 'I'm a role model' you know whatever she's (Bayley) pretending to be this new like I'm really bad, no, I've always known who I am; I was never apologizing for what I was saying or how I felt or for a friendship, that's what she's doing right now.

When asked by Caruso as to what will be next for her to achieve after becoming a ten-time champion, Flair lightheartedly replied that she would like to become a 16-time champion - the number of World Championship reigns that her father Ric Flair holds and the most by any Superstar on WWE. She also said that she wants to take the Women's division to the next level.

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