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WWE News: Charlotte is fine despite nasty bumps she took on RAW

Despite taking two grueling unplanned bumps, Charlotte is reportedly doing fine.

News 13 Apr 2017, 13:04 IST
The Queen is not expected to miss any time despite taking two nasty bumps

What’s the story?

The former Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, took two nasty bumps in her entertaining match against Nia Jaxx on Monday Night Raw, which you can see below. Despite how gruelling both incidents looked, Dave Meltzer has reported that she will be alright.

In case you don’t know....

In spite of being on WWE’s main roster for less than two years, Charlotte has already won the Raw Women’s Title four times and the Diva’s Title once. She is on pace to break the record for most title wins by a woman in WWE history. At this rate, she could even possibly pass her father, Ric Flair, who has 16 world title reigns. 

The heart of the matter

The first of the two nasty-looking bumps that Charlotte took on Monday night was a shoulder breaker spot. Nia seemed to let go of Charlotte a bit too early and that sent the Queen’s head and neck crashing into the mat awkwardly.

The second one was when she went for a top-rope moonsault. However, Jax’s position was such that she could not break Charlotte’s fall, thus resulting in the former Women’s Champion hitting the floor face first. Fortunately, though, Dave Meltzer has reported that she suffered no major injuries and that she will be alright.

What’s next?

Charlotte was drafted to SmackDown last night, while Nia Jax will still be on Monday Night Raw. Unless there is some kind of cross-brand match, the two will not be wrestling for at least a while. It is unknown at this time whether Jax will be disciplined for botching the two spots which could have seriously injured Charlotte.  

Author’s take

Sadly, this is just the nature of the beast. As they say, it is not ballet. Being safe in the ring and protecting one’s opponent are two of the most important attributes a wrestler must possess. 

If the opposing wrestler feels like the other will not hurt him, but protect him throughout, then they are one step closer to having a great match. But if wrestlers cannot trust one another, then a match will probably not be all that good - or worse, someone may get hurt. 

With that said, this was probably just a slip-up on Nia’s part and it’s unlikely she will be punished for it.

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