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WWE News: Chyna's mom wants control of her daughter's estate after not trusting her manager

Chyna's mother is taking her daughter's manager to court for control of her daughter's estate.

Chyna died of unknown causes earlier this year

According to a report from TMZ Sports, the mother of late professional wrestling star Chyna is fighting for control of her daughter’s estate after not feeling too trustworthy for her business manager. Chyna’s manager, Anthony Anzaldo, has taken control over all of Chyna’s belongings, including a cello priced at approximately $5,000.

According to some documents that have been obtained by TMZ, Chyna’s mother is asking the court to give her control over her daughter’s estate, while keeping her "purported friend" Anzaldo out of the picture.

Chyna’s mother’s accusations don’t stop there, however, as she is also claiming that Anzaldo is withholding royalties that her daughter is still due for over 100 TV and film credits, and is not too keen on the manager’s ability to consistently keep the family out of the loop. In addition to all of Chyna’s mother’s efforts to keep Anzaldo out of her daughter’s affairs, she would also like to block off the crook from "usurping" her efforts.

TMZ also reported that they reached out to Mr. Anzaldo for a comment, but he has yet to respond.

Joanie "Chyna" Laurer died of unknown causes at the age of 46, as she was found dead in her apartment by authorities after a neighbour alerted local authorities. Chyna is known to have had a troubled past with abusing drugs, however, an overdose was reportedly ruled out as a cause of death.

One of Chyna’s dearest friends, friends, comedian, musician, and film producer Rob Potylo (who also produced Chyna’s documentary) was recently interviewed by Wrestling News Source and detailed what it was like to live with both Chyna and her manager Anthony Anzaldo:

”I lived with her and Anthony on the road, going back to his beach house in Redondo, and then on the floor of the living room of that house for two months (Chyna got the couch), while I helped film, produce, and upload video for the documentary. 90% of the time, Anthony was generally very pleasant. We all had similar senses of humor, and had a bunch of fun times.

The loss is certainly a big one for not only the professional wrestling world, but for the world in general, as Chyna has been described by many as a fun, loving, and intelligent person. As for the ongoing battle between Chyna’s mother and her manager for control of her estate, we’ll keep you updated as more becomes available.

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