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WWE News: Chyna's mother talks about her daughter not yet being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame

Rohit Nath
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Will The Ninth Wonder Of The World be in the Hall Of Fame Class of 2017?

For years there has been a discussion about Chyna being inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Everyone knew it was not going to happen as long as Chyna continually faced issues with alcohol abuse.

It was tragic because, towards the end of her life, she had been very vocal about the fact that she was cleaning up her act and was trying by all means to mend the fences with WWE. A Hall Of Fame induction was something she definitely desired, and something fans have unanimously agreed that she deserves.

After her death, people were under the impression that Chyna will go into the Hall Of Fame next year. While her induction status for next year is unclear, she will surely go in at one point. Her mother, Jan LaQue, took to Facebook to post her thoughts and position on Chyna being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

The biggest issue in the past came down to two reasons.

One of the speculated reasons is that WWE was afraid of how she would behave on stage.

Secondly, as stated by Triple H on the Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network, WWE didn’t want children to look Chyna up on google and see her pornographic past, which is why they didn’t induct her. 

However, Stephanie McMahon had said after her death that Chyna will be in the Hall Of Fame at one point:

As Stephanie said, there is no denying her contributions to WWE and Women’s wrestling in general. Here is the late, great, Chyna’s take on whether she felt she deserved to be in the WWE Hall Of Fame, which she definitely will be some day.

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