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WWE News: CM Punk gives away his WWE Championship Belt to Cliff Compton as Christmas Present

Cliff Compton received WWE World Championship spinner belt from CM Punk as Christmas present.

CM Punk with the WWE World Championship belt after his final match
CM PUNK gives away his WWE World Championship belt to Cliff Compton as Christmas present

The former WWE tag team champion, Cliff Compton who wrestled in WWE from 2007-2008 under the ring-name Domino, received an incredible Christmas present from his old friend CM Punk. Punk gave him his WWE World Championship spinner belt after the former had praised it. The two were in an old storage unit where Cliff was helping Punk clear space where he discovered the belt covered in dust. He expressed his awe after which Punk asked him to keep it as a Christmas gift.

The former WWE wrestler took to Twitter to narrate the incident. In a series of tweets, he also confirmed that it was the original belt.

Confirming that the belt was legit, he went on to state that it was quite heavy.

CM Punk did not have a very pleasant exit from WWE. He was infamously sent his official release papers on his wedding day.

His contact was to expire in 2011 with his last Money in the Bank PPV appearance set against John Cena when he won the WWE championship belt shortly after signing a new contract hours before the show. The match was a spectacular show put up by the two fighters. Despite winning the match, Punk had his terms with WWE end on a bitter note three years later in 2014.

However, to stop the fans from being unhappy about Punk's actions with respect to memorials from WWE, Cliff went on to say that even Mike Tyson had thrown his boxing titles in the garbage. Hence, it shouldn’t stop life from going on.

Cliff also made clear that he will be giving that belt as a gift to his 9 year old nephew who is a die-hard fan of CM Punk and had stopped watching wrestling altogether after the latter had made an exit from WWE.

It will indeed be one of the best Christmas presents for him. And from his this gesture, Punk has definitely made it clear that he is moving on from his wrestling history with WWE.  

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