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WWE News: CM Punk reveals if he still watches wrestling, talks about AEW

Johny Payne
Published Oct 18, 2019
Oct 18, 2019 IST

CM Punk
CM Punk

In an interview with WGN News, former WWE Superstar CM Punk revealed whether or not he still watches professional wrestling.

Additionally, Punk spoke about the differences between working in a movie and WWE. The former WWE Champion also expounded upon how healthy competition in the pro wrestling industry, will help elevate the business as a whole.

CM Punk is genuinely excited about his movie.

CM Punk’s new movie, 'Girl on the Third Floor', will be released in theaters, on October 25th, 2019.

The horror movie has been garnering headlines in the pro wrestling world, primarily owing to the Pro Wrestling icon and Chicago’s own CM Punk starring in it.

Punk has lately been busy with the promotions of his aforementioned movie, and as noted by fans of the beloved former professional wrestler, he’s said to be excited about the movie’s upcoming release.

CM Punk weighed in with his views on various topics

CM Punk explained that working live TV shows and events for WWE every day of the week is quite a high-pressure job.

In comparison to that, acting in a movie is a tad different, with multiple takes, angles, etc. He added that acting comes with its own set of challenges, but it was a lot of fun.

Furthermore, in response to a question regarding whether he watches AEW, Punk stated –

I do not. I don't watch wrestling.

Moreover, Punk elucidated that he hopes AEW and its performers are successful and that the emergence of AEW gives pro wrestlers an alternative as regards places to work outside WWE.

Punk emphasized that healthy competition between AEW and WWE will coerce the creative teams on both sides to generate better content, thereby ensuring that the fans get an even better product.

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