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WWE News: CM Punk screen tests for lead role in television drama

2.42K   //    13 Oct 2017, 10:40 IST

CM Punk could be invaluable to a show about pro wrestling

What's the story?

The world of pro wrestling is a fascinating place for a lot of people who don't even follow wrestling. Television shows like GLOW and movies like The Wrestler have given people a chance to peek in on the business even if it's not an accurate portrayal whatsoever.

PWInsider reports there was an exciting sounding television show in the works and CM Punk screen tested for a part while winning over producers. Unfortunately, the show might not see the light of day.

In case you didn't know...

Ever since leaving WWE, CM Punk has been up to a lot of fun stuff and he's been doing a lot more than just training for an MMA career (we're still waiting on his second fight).

Punk appeared on MTV's The Challenge Champs vs Pros and enjoyed plenty of hockey games. The Second City Savior is trying his hand at acting as well.

the heart of the matter

PWInsider reports CM Punk auditioned for a major role in the Starz drama "Heels." There were plans to bring this series to life soon and schedule an eight-episode first season run but it has reportedly been put on hold time and time since the announcement of the project in February.

If all had gone according to plan CM Punk would have landed the role of Jack Spade on the show. It was said he impressed during the screen test but either the producers have other people in mind or the series is on hold once more.

What's next?

If Heels gets underway and goes into production then it could be a real possibility that CM Punk might be making more than a guest cameo. He might not land the lead role on a television show, but the former WWE Heavyweight Champion has more than enough to keep his time occupied.

Author's take

CM Punk would be an amazing actor and he's already displayed so much acting ability it's unreal. For instance, you remember the infamous pipebomb speech? He made people totally believe he was coming up with everything he said right off the top of his head and it wasn't scripted.

I remember first hearing about the "Heels" show when it was announced and now that there's a possibility of seeing CM Punk as a regular on a television show about pro wrestling... well, it would kind of be like having him back in WWE. 'Almost'is the right word to address any comparison, but I would take it.

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