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WWE News: Cody Rhodes recounts the last 24 hours of Dusty Rhodes' life

Rohit Nath
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The legendary Rhodes family

The late, great Dusty Rhodes, passed away on June 11th last year. It was one of the most unfortunate losses in WWE, as he was among the most loved and well-respected people in the business.

For a few years before his unfortunate passing, he was in the Performance Center helping the up and coming NXT talent.

That is the reason Dusty Rhodes, holds a special place among the NXT stars who went through him and trained under him. His son, Cody Rhodes, has since left WWE. He recently sat with Sports Illustrated to talk about his career, life after WWE, Dusty Rhodes, and his unfortunate passing as well. Cody gave a recollection of the final 24 hours of Dusty’s life.

Right before he passed away, my mom called and I made it to the hospital. Unfortunately, as an operating room nurse, my mom knew the severity. Doctors weren’t kicking her out of the room—she knew. My father was still cognizant and speaking, and he needed to sit up. He was in a ton of pain because of what was going on inside his body internally, and Dustin and I pulled him up together and spoke to him. I gave him a hug goodbye.

“The last thing he asked for was my mom. Then he went to sleep forever. I was there the entire time. Watching his light fade was the worst twenty hours of my life,” Cody added.

Cody Rhodes is doing extremely well on the independent circuit.

He also has a non-exclusive deal with TNA as well. Since then, his wife Brandi has joined the pro wrestling business, and is wrestling in TNA as Brandi Rhodes. Since WWE have the copyrights to the name “Cody Rhodes”, he is not allowed to use the surname, so he is just called “Cody”.

However, when being spoken about with his wife, they are termed “Cody & Brandi Rhodes”.

He even formed a checklist of people, who he wanted to wrestle after his no-compete clause with WWE was up. Since then, he has crossed out a majority of the names and has only a few remaining.

He has gone on an incredible quest to claim back the family legacy, and like Alberto Del Rio has proven that you don’t need to be in WWE to make a good living in pro wrestling. However, Cody has not outright denied a possible return some day.

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