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WWE News: Cody Rhodes reveals touching story about Dusty Rhodes

The moment when Cody made his father proud.

During the Hall of Fame ceremony of Dusty Rhodes in 2007

The latest edition of WNS Podcast featured former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. In this episode, Cody shared an emotional story regarding his father, the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes :

"I think it was Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta. I was talking afterwards and I was standing next to Rey Mysterio after the match. My dad just pulled his BlackBerry up and I looked over from the corner of my shoulder and I saw him take a picture of the two of us and that was the first time like he was a fan of mine.. You know I've always been such a fan of my dad's and this is the first time I felt like wow I made him a fan of mine.

“Because at the end of the day, you always want to impress your dad. That's an important thing. He did that every year at Wrestlemania after that. I'd catch him taking a picture of me and I never told him I caught him doing it but it was always cool to see."

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion also revealed a few tricks which helped him to win over the WWE Universe :

"The thing that I kind of prided myself on is taking things that didn't or shouldn't work as well as they did and making them something bigger. The easiest thing to do is comedy. And I always tried to make stuff, if I wasn't a fan, not silly but-but make it good. Make it pro wrestling. 

“There are plenty of times I laughed at myself, I've been laughed at. But taking something that's not supposed to be a contender and making it a contender is a damn good feeling and I just thought, at a certain juncture I was tired of doing that."

After his release, Rhodes has been performing on the independent circuit. He discussed how the wrestling style of WWE varies from that of the indies :

"They are very different. TV wrestling like WWE versus an independent show like PWG. But it's not the styles that's for me to adjust to but rather the talent itself. With the inception of NXT, developmental became much less about building their own talent at WWE and it became about maximizing on independent and international talent that already had their own flair about them. I don't find one style safer or not safe."

It is known that Rhodes maintains a list of wrestlers he would like to square off against. He issued a warning for such wrestlers :

“If you're on the list I am going to make every effort to get where you're at. That might be Ring Of Honor, TNA, New Japan.”

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