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WWE News: Cody Rhodes reveals that he left WWE to find his "true self"

Cody Rhodes spoke with Fox News about why he left the WWE.

News 19 Mar 2017, 11:14 IST
Former-Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with Fox News, former-WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes spoke about leaving the WWE. He also went into more detail about joining Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and other independent promotions. 

When asked about his aim when he left the WWE Rhodes had this to say:

"The goal of leaving was to find myself."

The Background

Rhodes was a big part of the WWE roster for many years. In his debut, he was able to work with future-WWE Hall of Fame entrant, Randy Orton. During the Viper’s career as the Legend Killer, he took aim at Dusty Rhodes. Therefore, Cody was able to insert himself in a big storyline immediately. 

However, as time went on, Cody began to get left out of any Championship reign. The American Nightmare didn’t win the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship. Instead, it was a career of mid-card title reigns and average storylines.

The heart of the matter

When Rhodes was asked why he chose ROH despite having the freedom to work anywhere he pleases, he had this to say: 

“As I got older I realized my dreams are allowed to change, my dream in the wrestling business has changed a bazillion times. You can’t plan it right? It’s like a really good wrestling match if that makes sense, a really good wrestling match is one that yeah maybe you did plan A-Z but within that A-Z there’s magic that you didn’t plan.” 

What’s next?

Cody will continue to wrestle as a part of the Bullet Club for Ring of Honor and other promotions. So far, he’s accomplished a great amount since departing World Wrestling Entertainment. 

He’s already won a championship with Global Force Wrestling, wrestled at Wrestle Kingdom and is a part of the most famous stable in wrestling. From here, Cody will continue to hone his craft around the globe.

Author’s take

Cody deserved all of the recognition he’s getting right now for several years. The WWE truthfully wasted his talents and nearly diminished his wrestling career to playing a character that was more silly, than serious. Stardust failed. The American Nightmare is succeeding and hopefully, Vince McMahon realises what he lost. Cody is a true Superstar.

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