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WWE News: Cody Rhodes on Bullet Club, ROH Final Battle and if he would return to the WWE

Rhodes made his Ring of Honor debut at the Final Battle pay-per-view earlier this month.

Cody was recently revealed as a member of the Bullet Club at NJPW

Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes appears to be having a great time at present, as he works with different promotions and also wrestles on the independent circuit at the same time. Recently, Cody made his first appearance at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s World Tag League through a video, where he introduced himself as the newest member of the Bullet Club.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rhodes spoke about his association with the Bullet Club and a host of other topics including his ROH debut at Final Battle and a possible return to the WWE.

When asked if there are any doubts about him joining the Bullet Club, the superstar responded by stating:

“Crystal clear. The ‘American Nightmare’ rides with the Bullet Club.”

This led to a question about the 'American Nightmare’ name that he would use as it was the complete opposite of his father's ‘American Dream’ character.

Cody opined that the name suited him a lot and that everyone has to face some nightmares before realising their dreams. Here’s what the Ring of Honor star said:

“I think it's just a name that fits me. I believe in the cream rising. I believe in hard work. But I believe in vindication as well. You have a few nightmares I imagine before you reach your dream.”

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He was questioned about whether his career, going further, would pan out like other members of the Bullet Club, who devote time to both ROH and NJPW and do a lesser number of smaller bookings.

To this, Rhodes replied, “I have bookings as far out as November of 2017. Some places that hold 250 people at full capacity and places like the Tokyo Dome that hold 40 thousand plus. My exclusivity is to the pro-wrestling fans.”

Cody Rhodes made his debut for Ring of Honor at the biggest pay-per-view on the promotion’s calendar, Final Battle. He faced off against ROH veteran Jay Lethal on the night and picked up a win, courtesy of a low blow which he followed up with his finishing move ‘Cross Rhodes’.

When asked if Final Battle was the kind of moment that he had imagined, while moving on from the WWE, Rhodes claimed that it was beyond his expectations.Here’s what he had to say:

“I'll be totally honest: I wasn't expecting it to get rolling as much as it got rolling. A lot of times, guys leave WWE or get fired by WWE, but there's always that little bit of buzz right when they get out on the scene, but like all buzz, it fades. But I feel really flattered that, for whatever reason, it seems to be trending upwards.”

“It's damn exciting that without the biggest wrestling company in the world, I'm able to build a brand and be successful. It's hard to stay on top of it. I had to hire staff. It sounds so silly. I had to hire a kid to do social media work for me. It's really cool to be trending upwards,” he added.

Another question directed towards Rhodes related to him contemplating a future with the WWE. He said that he wasn’t sure about it and while it may be somewhere in his heart, he was certainly not thinking about it at present.

“I don't know the full answer as to where I'm going. I wish I knew. My wife asked me the other day, “What if they called you and said, 'Come back at the Royal Rumble'?" I said, "No, I don't think I'd be interested in that." She said, "What if they said, 'Come back at the Royal Rumble, and make it about you and Triple H and head to WrestleMania with that'?" And then my answer really changed,” Rhodes was quoted as saying.

“Maybe in my heart, the end game is to go back to WWE, but it's definitely not in the forefront of my mind. Each time I go out there, I find out a little bit more about where I'm ultimately happy being,” he went on to add.

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