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WWE News: Cody Rhodes tweets his stance on WWE bringing back Starrcade and WarGames

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Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes is the current ROH World Champion

What's the story?

The WWE might be bringing back Starrcade and WarGames but not everyone has been happy with the way it has been handled.

The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, played a huge part in the success of both shows, which were never part of the WWE, and his son Cody Rhodes clarified some of his earlier comments where he took a shot at the WWE.

The ROH World Champion stated that the WWE is free to do what they want regarding his father’s legacy but he didn’t have to like it.

In case you didn't know...

Starrcade returns for the first time since 2000 while WarGames, which was created by Dusty Rhodes for the NWA and then used by WCW, will return after a span of 19 years as part of NXT TakeOver: WarGames in Houston.,

The heart of the matter

Cody and a number of others in the wrestling business have been vocal about how the WWE is exploiting the Rhodes name to get fans on their side with these two specials.

Cody did have a brief stint in the WWE and had earlier had a go at the WWE management for not booking his half-brother Goldust for Starrcade.

After a barrage of comments on social media regarding his criticism of Starrcade, Cody suggested that all he wants to do is protect his father’s legacy and ensure it doesn’t get exploited.

The current ROH Champion did understand that all of his dad’s creations are ‘owned’ by the WWE and that is something he will have to live with.


What's next?

The WWE will hope that both events go off without a problem and while Starrcade might not be able to match the greatness of the WCW events, the NXT WarGames could turn out to be something brilliant as it features a WarGames match between Sanity, The Undisputed Era, and The Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong.

Author's take

Cody does have a right to have a go at the WWE for suddenly remembering his father’s legacy and not bringing it to the fore while Dusty was alive. The American Dream is a legend in the wrestling business and all his son was trying to do was to ensure his father’s name was not exploited.

Cody’s response, once again, was spot on and wasn’t extremely critical or laced with abuses. It hits a spot for sure and hopefully, both the shows will keep their annual slot for future years, at least for Dusty’s honour.

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