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WWE News: Colt Cabana On CM Punk's Relationship With WWE affecting their interest in him and steroids

Cabana reveals several interesting facts about his life with the WWE.

Cabana had a short-lived career with the WWE.

Colt Cabana was recently a guest on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, where he spoke about the impact of CM Punk’s rocky relationship with the WWE on his career, his belief of never making it to the WWE and more. He started off by talking about how his friendship with Punk affected his WWE career.

Cabana said that the WWE informed that they were not interested in him, the day after Punk left WWE. Cabana confessed that he had gone through a second trial for the WWE around the time when Punk was "pissy" about his position in the company. Here’s what he said:

"They call me back and nothing happens. And I do a second one and I think I did really well and then, eight months, nothing happened. Eight months later, they start sending me down to NXT for three weekends in a row. At that time, so what happened was, after the third week, and then, the fourth week, Punk ended up leaving. And then, the day after, I got a call saying, 'I don't think we're interested.”

 Cabana also talked about the impact of the "pipebomb" promo on his career, which got him in the WWE’s good books again, Cabana was earlier fired by the WWE in 2009 as he did not meet WWE’s expectations during his two-year run with the company.

"After Punk did the 'pipebomb' thing, I was kind of around a little bit, and so I was kind of invited back into their world a little bit. So yeah, I'd go and just hang out, and so they'd be like, 'of course, have some catering, hang out,' and I had a dark match once."

Cabana also revealed an interesting fact about the time he was offered a role as a commentator on NXT by Triple H after he was impressed with Cabana’s mic skills in the CM Punk documentary. 

"They wanted me to be, I think, an NXT ring announcer, right? 2014, and I went down there. And 2013… What happened, I think, Punk's DVD came out. I think Triple H watched it, and I think he went, 'oh my God, this guy can talk, like, I didn't know that.' I was in the company for two years, but nobody tells those guys that.”

Cabana continued by saying that Kevin Dunn was not impressed with Cabana, much like the time when he was first fired from the WWE in 2009, as Dunn was not impressed with Cabana’s looks.

Cabana admitted that he did not believe that he had what it takes to get to the WWE, as he did not have a body type WWE prefers and he was not willing to take a short way using steroids.

 “I never had abs. They were just like real athletes. I was just kind of, I was good at football, but my body was never like what these guys looked like. I remember some of the football players taking steroids and stuff and being like, 'oh man, I don't want to have to do that!” 

He further justified why he didn’t choose to take steroids, by saying he believed that he didn't want to ruin his career in order to look like wrestlers such as Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire.

Cabana has been one of the most entertaining guys on the independent circuit but unfortunately did not get the opportunity to translate the success in the WWE. 

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