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WWE News: Company officially changes the name of Rey Mysterio's son

Published Oct 05, 2019
Oct 05, 2019 IST

Dominik and Rey Mysterio.
Dominik and Rey Mysterio. recently provided an update on Rey Mysterio's son's current health status. One interesting takeaway from the update was the subtle change in his name.

WWE previously spelt his name as 'Dominick', however, the company has now dropped the 'c' and will go ahead with 'Dominik'. 

You can notice the changes in the screenshots given below:

Screenshot from WWE
Screenshot from WWE's official Youtube channel.
Article published on WWE
Article published on WWE's website.

Pretty weird, right?

Dominik is certainly less complicated without the possibly redundant 'c', but it's still quite an odd change.

Rey Mysterio's son has been rumored to become a full-time wrestler for a very long time now and he got a taste of some in-ring brutality this past week on RAW.

Brock Lesnar's attack

The RAW season premiere opened with Rey Mysterio addressing his Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins that was scheduled to take place later on in the night.


However, Brock Lesnar interrupted Mysterio's promo and took the WWE legend down with an F5. The Beast Incarnate then turned his attention towards Dominik, who was seated in the front row. Lesnar went on to unleash one of the most brutal beatdowns in recent memory on him. It was reminiscent of Lesnar's assault on Zach Gowen from back in the day, without, of course, a chair being involved.

The aftermath of the attack

Dominik was sent to a nearby medical facility in an ambulance immediately after the attack. WWE also released an update regarding the injuries suffered by Dominik and Mysterio with the following statement:

"Rey and Dominik Mysterio each suffered injuries following the brutal attack by Brock Lesnar this past Monday on the season premiere of RAW. Dominik was released from a medical facility, and the extent of the injuries sustained by both Rey and Dominik have not been disclosed publicly."

The Brock Lesnar-Rey Mysterio angle witnessed a major development on the SmackDown premiere on FOX as Cain Velasquez made his first TV appearance for WWE by confronting the Beast Incarnate, who had just won the WWE title from Kofi Kingston. Mysterio accompanied Velasquez to the ring.

Velasquez and Lesnar were involved in a brief scuffle before the new WWE Champion escaped the ring. The two former UFC Heavyweights are expected to take each other on in a WWE Championship match at Crown Jewel.

As for Dominik, we have no updates regarding his return or debut match. Stay tuned. 

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