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WWE News: Confirmation on what 'CM' in CM Punk stands for

Riju Dasgupta
21.43K   //    02 Jun 2018, 11:25 IST

You really won't believe what it stands for
You really won't believe what it stands for

What's the story?

Former WWE megastar and current UFC fighter CM Punk is currently embroiled in a court case with Dr. Chris Amann, and some interesting facts have emerged from the trial. One of them deals with the origin of CM Punk's name.

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It was confirmed in the courtroom that 'CM' stands for 'Chick Magnet'. I thank Chicago Tribune reporter Gregory Pratt for the said update.

In case you didn't know...

Coming from the independents, CM Punk became the most popular superstar of WWE's current era following a promo that broke the fourth wall known as the 'Pipe Bomb'. He left the company a few years ago and embarked on a career in MMA.

Dr Chris Amann filed a defamation lawsuit against Punk following an appearance by the former WWE superstar on Colt Cabana's 'Art of Wrestling' podcast where he was extremely critical of WWE and the medical treatment he received. Colt Cabana too was named in the lawsuit from Dr Chris Amann.

The heart of the matter

There has been much speculation over the years as to what the 'CM' in CM Punk stands for. The two most discussed possibilities thus far have been 'Chicago Made' and hilariously enough, 'Cookie Monster'.

Now, we've received official confirmation that CM actually stand for 'Chick Magnet'. While this possibility too has been discussed in the past (I was just watching the CM Punk 'Best in the World' DVD the other day and 'Chick Magnet' was brought up there), there was never any official confirmation with regards to the origin of 'CM' in CM Punk.

What's next?

CM Punk will fight in his second ever UFC contest next weekend. He's also being rumoured to be a part of the proceedings at 'All In'. It has not been confirmed that he will show up at the event thus far.

What did you think CM stood for? Did you ever think it would be short for 'Chick Magnet'?

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