WWE News: Current WWE star reveals frustrations with being "underutilized"

Eventually, momentum starts to swing against Ziggler and in Breeze's favor.
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What's the story?

Fans who followed Tyler Breeze on NXT have always known that he is the single most underutilized star on the entire roster. His presentation in NXT and the main roster have been worlds apart, and after Fandango's injury, Prince Pretty has struggled to even get on television.

In a series of tweets, Tyler Breeze expressed his frustrations over being underutilized in WWE.

In case you didn't know...

Tyler Breeze debuted on the main roster in late 2015, instantly being put in a position to fail. He actually found quite a bit of success in NXT. While he never won the NXT championship, he became a mainstay for the yellow brand and constantly competed on the main event level.

Fans were more hopeful about Breeze's potential success on the main roster, but just as soon as his push had started, it ended. He reportedly even faced some backstage issues.

Breeze isn't the only one who expressed his frustrations of late. Naomi was the first to do so, taking a shot at WWE and asking whether the WrestleMania battle royal was going to be cancelled.

Even Luke Harper wrote a long, emotional note on Twitter, expressing frustration over being ignored despite having been cleared for injury nearly two months ago.

The heart of the matter

Breeze wrote a series of tweets, the first of which said:

When a fan asked him if it was no coincidence that Harper and Naomi too did the same, Breeze said that he had been underutilized for four years.

When a fan made a reference to Jinder Mahal and the success he found despite underutilization, Breeze praised Jinder but also told the fan that it was an example of how they don't know how the inner workings go about.

With Tye Dillinger being one of the superstars to recently express frustration and then ask for his release, it'll be interesting to see whether Breeze follows suit, especially with the advent of All Elite Wrestling.

What's next?

Tyler Breeze is expected to be in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. You can most certainly expect him to get eliminated in no time.

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