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WWE News: Curt Hawkins's losing streak has become the inspiration for his new merchandise

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Curt Hawkins finally has his own merchandise and it is actually pretty cool
Curt Hawkins finally has his own merchandise and it is actually pretty cool

What's the story?

Curt Hawkins losing streak has been one of the most consistent things in WWE over the past year after it was reported that the former Tag Team Champion had failed to win a single match in 2017 taking his streak to 0-152.

Ever the opportunists, it seems that WWE has decided to cash in on his run of bad form and use this as their inspiration for his new merchandise.

In case you didn't know...

Curt Hawkins returned to WWE following the WWE draft back in 2016 after he had been released from the company in 2014. It seems that Hawkins was unaware that he would slot back into the same position he once held on the SmackDown roster as one of their biggest jobbers.

In the Superstar Shake-up back in 2017, Hawkins was drafted over to Raw, but he didn't fare any better on the company's flagship show since his streak has become one of the most notable things about him over the past year.

Whilst the likes of Aleister Black and Asuka have been pushing their undefeated streaks throughout 2017, it seems that Hawkins could be the only one who's looking at another few months extension on top of his current streak given that WWE is now making more of an emphasis on the fact that his streak has become as long as it currently is.

The heart of the matter

Curt Hawkins made history when it was recently revealed that he had lost every match that he was part of in 2017 and it seems that WWE wants to commemorate the record by releasing new merchandise for the superstar which include a tally of all of his losses on his new shirt.

It seems that WWE doesn't want their fans to forget the fact that amongst all of the history that was made throughout 2017, Curt Hawkins now has a record of his own as well and whilst it isn't one of the most flattering, it does get his name in the record books.

What's next?

Hawkins hasn't been seen on WWE TV in 2018 so it is unknown how long WWE is going to allow this undefeated streak to continue.


The fact that Hawkins hasn't had a match on Raw yet in 2018 means that he is currently undefeated for this calendar year, which is something Hawkins himself has decided to share with the WWE Universe recently.

Authors take

Many of the WWE Universe have been stating how much they feel sorry for Curt Hawkins, but it seems that he probably has the easiest job in WWE. He's given mic time and time on TV and all he has to do is take a few bumps each week.

Not only that but now he has been given merchandise that is also pretty cool so he will be picking up a cheque based on the sales of this new shirt as well.

This losing streak is getting Hawkins noticed and it could lead to a much bigger match in the future for the former Tag Team Champion, so even though he hasn't won a single match last year, the future is still looking bright for Curt Hawkins.

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