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WWE News: Curt Hawkins' losing streak now at 137 matches

Daniel Wood
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Curt Hawkins' boast one of the most, or least, impressive streaks in sports entertainment
Curt Hawkins' boasts one of the most, or least, impressive streaks in sports entertainment

What's the story?

Curt Hawkins recently took on Titus Worldwide member Apollo Crews on WWE Main Event after a few matches against Matt Hardy on the show, which he lost. Unfortunately for Hawkins, he lost against Apollo Crews too, which, as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter points out, extends his incredible losing streak.

In case you didn't know...

Everyone talks about Asuka's incredible unbeaten streak as NXT champion amounting to 523 days and her current run on the main roster and also sees her unbeaten, but significantly fewer people are aware of Curt Hawkins' abysmal streak at the lower end of the card that has seen him lose a ridiculous amount of matches in a row, something the WWE seems to be encouraging.

The heart of the matter

In fact, when Curt Hawkins fell to Apollo Crews' Spinning Power Bomb, the WWE announced themselves that this was Curt Hawkins' 137th loss in a row. It would seem that this is now becoming one of the company's longest running and, dare I say it, most entertaining storylines.

Hawkins' himself has referenced it several times on Twitter, with the following tweets being great examples.

What's next?

Curt Hawkins hasn't really been seen on either of the two main shows recently, appearing exclusively on Main Event. In fact, I can't remember whether Hawkins is currently signed to RAW or SmackDown, but it looks like he may be angling to get back together with his former tag-team partner Zack Ryder, following the breakup of the Hype Bros.

Author's take

I'm enjoying this subtle storyline that's unfolding quietly in the background and wish the WWE did more ongoing skits and gimmicks that weren't overtly obvious but just there. I also can't wait for Curt Hawkins to finally beat someone at the end of this, I imagine the pop would be huge.

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