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WWE News: Curt Hawkins officially loses every single match in 2017

Daniel Wood
4.61K   //    01 Jan 2018, 22:00 IST

Finn Balor helps Curt Hawkins to 'Face the Facts' over his 152 match losing streak
Finn Balor helps Curt Hawkins to 'Face the Facts' over his 152-match losing streak

What's the story?

Curt Hawkins' losing streak has become one of the more intriguing elements of WWE storytelling with many in the WWE universe wondering when the hapless Superstar would finally break his losing streak and pick up a win. One thing we do know is that it'll have to be in 2018 as Hawkins has officially headed into the new year having lost every single match he competed in during 2017.

In case you didn't know...

The last time we checked back on Curt Hawkins' losing streak was on December 2nd, where the Monday Night RAW Superstar had lost 140 matches in a row, including house shows. However, there was still time in December for him to lose 12 more matches, including one on the Christmas Day episode of RAW against Finn Balor.

The heart of the matter

And it was Finn Balor himself who celebrated the new year by highlighting one of the WWE's more hilarious records of 2017 by posting a picture of himself with the Superstar who just can't catch a break

What's next?

Surely Hawkins' losing streak can't continue for too much longer? Surely the WWE will end his misery and have him pick up a win sometime during 2018 right? Unless they're actually planning on having Hawkins go two years losing every single match, which would definitely be quite something.

Author's take

Whether intentionally or by design, Curt Hawkins' losing streak has become a part of WWE storytelling and something that the WWE Universe is getting behind, it's a small thing in the grand scheme of everything in the WWE but I guarantee when Hawkins does eventually break this terrible record that the crowd will erupt to celebrate such a momentous occasion. Hopefully, the WWE are keeping an eye on it and are keeping it in their creative plans.

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