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WWE News: Curt Hawkins on the day WWE moved to the PG era, being involved in Dusty Rhodes’ last match

Hawkins revealed that the match ended after Dusty hit him with an elbow.

Curt Hawkins made his WWE comeback last year

What’s the story?

During a recent chat with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, WWE superstar Curt Hawkins revealed some interesting incidents from the day the WWE decided to go PG and also spoke about competing in what was WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes’ last match.

In case you didn’t know…

Having started working with the WWE back in the year 2006, Hawkins was released from his contract in 2014. Post that, he headed to the independent circuit and wrestled for various promotions like Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Jersey Championship Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Syndicate. In July 2015, Curt

Hawkins made his Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) debut on an episode of their flagship show, Impact Wrestling, and went on to work a few dates for them. The 31-year old re-signed with the WWE in July 2016 and made his televised return at the SmackDown-exclusive pay-per-view No Mercy on 9 October.

The heart of the matter

About the WWE’s switch to the PG era, Hawkins revealed that the decision was made known to everyone at a talent meeting conducted by Vince McMahon during the Great American Bash pay-per-view in 2008. According to him, no one can interrupt McMahon when he is saying something unless the person has a point that is worth mentioning.

However, he recalled Shelton Benjamin raising his hand and saying something during that meeting to which the WWE Chairman responded that it was an excellent question, causing everyone present to break into laughter. Curt Hawkins said:

“We were at the Great American Bash pay per view in 2008 in a talent meeting, and Vince explained it everybody. I don’t think anyone thought too much about it at the time or knew what it would entail. So Vince McMahon is speaking and everyone is listening. No one would interrupt him.

It would have to be really worth speaking if you had something to say. Michael Tarver [Benjamin], who wasn’t even on the roster at the time and was just doing dark matches, raised his hand and said something. Vince responded by saying, ‘Excellent question, Shelton!’ and the place just erupted in laughter.”

The former WWE Tag Team champion spoke about another incident from the same night wherein they were all sitting and watching a street fight between John Cena and JBL backstage. Things got really violent as both superstars smashed each other’s heads on a car and this prompted Mark Henry to say ‘So murder is PG?’ and they all started to laugh. Hawkins stated:

“During the John Cena and JBL match, I remember sitting at the monitor watching, and it was a pretty violent match in some kind of street fight [a New YorkCity Parking Lot Brawl]. They were fighting backstage and by the cars, and squished each other’s heads in a car, and it was very violent. And all you could hear was Mark Henry say, ‘So murder is PG?’ and that comment cracked us up.”

‘The Prince of Queens’ also divulged that he was a part of Dusty Rhodes’ last match, which took place during his brief return to WWE’s former developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. During the match, the legendary wrestler teamed up with his sons, Dustin and Cody, to take on Hawkins and his Dude Busters teammates, Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft. Hawkins was quoted as saying this:

“It’s a little known fact, but I actually had his last match ever. He wanted to tag with Dustin and Cody. So in the summer of 2010, me, Trent Barreta, and Caylen Croft as the Dude Busters main-evented an FCW show against the Rhodes.

It was the only time the Rhodes boys ever tagged, and it was Dusty’s last match ever. The match ended with me taking an elbow from Dusty. It was very, very cool, and I was very, very honored.”

 Sportskeeda’s Take

Curt Hawkins is a talented wrestler with a lot of experience and certainly deserves better opportunities than what he is getting right now. The WWE must look at engaging the SmackDown Live star in stronger storylines going forward.

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