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WWE News: Curt Hawkins reaches unprecedented milestone in WWE 

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Curt Hawkins has been on a unique losing streak for the past two years
Curt Hawkins has been on a unique losing streak for the past two years

What's the story?

Curt Hawkins has been losing matches in WWE ever since he made his return back in 2016, and the superstar himself recently confirmed that it's now been two years since the beginning of his streak.

In case you didn't know...

Hawkins returned to WWE on the SmackDown Live brand following the 2016 Brand Split in the summer and was then given a number of interesting opponents as part of his storyline as well as a "Face the facts" gimmick which got him over as a heel.

Recently Hawkins was sidelined due to a hernia, but he has since made his return to the ring at a recent WWE live event and returned to his losing ways as he notched up another loss to Zack Ryder.

The heart of the matter

Hawkins recently made his WWE return after 11 weeks on the sidelines and his loss to Zack Ryder was the latest in a long line since Hawkins confirmed on his Instagram that he is now winless in two years.

Hawkins stated that the past two years have been the best of his lengthy career since he has lost to some of the biggest stars in WWE and he seems to be enjoying having such a unique storyline.

What's next?

Given that the streak has now gone on for more than two years, WWE has no choice but to take this seriously so hopefully the creative team will put a plan in place for the end of his streak and allow him to return to Monday Night Raw next week.

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