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WWE News: Alexa Bliss gets new custom side plates on her SmackDown Women's Title

The Wicked Witch of SmackDown Live shows off her Women's title with customized side plates

Alexa Bliss successfully defended her strap against Becky Lynch this week

Alexa Bliss defended her SmackDown Women’s Champion against Becky Lynch in a hard fought match this week on SmackDown Live. She was able to pick up the victory after Becky was distracted by a mysterious star at ringside in the garb of La Luchadora.

Earlier that day, WWE posted a video on their YouTube channel of Alexa Bliss getting her own custom plates added to the SmackDown Women’s Championship. ‘The Wicked Witch’ gleamed as she got her own personalized version of the title belt.

She beamed with pride as she spoke about her own personalized belt. She said:

"It has my name on it, means it's officially mine. It's amazing. I mean, it's my face on the WWE women's championship. That's amazing. It has my name, it has my hands, it has my face; it's mine. I think this is the coolest out of all of them, to be honest. Obviously because it's of me, but... "

Surprising enough, after a lot of back and forth action throughout the bout, Alexa Bliss retained the Championship. However, the manner in which she retained was confusing and rather shocking.

It was karmic retribution for the ‘Lass Kicker’ as her alter ego from last week, La Luchadora, made a surprise appearance as the match was heading into its final stages. Becky had caught Alexa Bliss in a Dis-arm-her and after the referee made her release the hold, Alexa looked to have dislocated her elbow. It was in fact, a brilliant of use of Alexa’s double-jointedness.

While the referee tended to Bliss’ arm, the Luchadora ripped the padding off the turnbuckle on the second rope and smashed Becky's head into the cold steel. Bliss spotted the opportunity and finished the match with a DDT followed by a pinfall.

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