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WWE News: Darren Young to undergo surgery

Darren Young could have a long road of recovery ahead of him.

WWE confirmed that Darren Young will need surgery

What’s the story?

WWE Superstar Darren Young took to social media today, confirming that he will be having surgery to repair his injured elbow. 

In an Instagram post, Young had this to say: “Getting my elbow loaded with some serious hardware like the #OG #LexLuger tomorrow in Birmingham. Dr. Dugas, who is a phenomenal surgeon, will be taking care of me. He did my knee years ago. There is no time-frame as to when I will be back.”

In case you didn't know....

This was the moment when Young took the bump on the apron.

Darren Young was competing in a match against Epico, for the Main Event tapings on January 16, 2017, in Little Rock, when he took a nasty bump on the ring apron. Young fell hard and awkwardly, landing on his elbow, resulting in a dislocated and broken elbow. The match was immediately called off, as the ref threw up the infamous “X” symbol, which signifies to the medical staff that a legitimate injury has taken place.

The heart of the matter...

While Darren has stated that there is no time-frame for his return, it is a pretty significant injury. Considering the fact that he will be having hardware surgically implanted, the recovery time will likely be no less than four-to-six months, depending on how well he heals. As Young noted, he is no stranger to sports injuries, having had knee work done in the past.

Bob Backlund helps Young to the back, following the incident.

Its also worth noting that Dr. Dugas is rated as one of the top sports medicine physicians in the country. He is also WWE’s go-to source for all knee, shoulder and elbow related injuries. This being said, Young is in the best possible hands for this situation.

Sportskeeda’s take-

I was at that event in Little Rock, when Darren Young took the bump. Initially, everyone in the arena knew something had went wrong, as Darren let out a very distinct, painful scream which indicated that he was indeed hurt. After seeing him get up and walk to the back on his own, most of us expected the injury to be minimal but everything happens so fast in a match situation, so it was certainly impossible to tell the extent of injury.

This injury could not have come at a worse time, considering how close we are to Wrestlemania. Darren Young has always been a superstar who has struggled to find a consistent place on the roster and he needs to be working during this time of the year.

Young may not be one of the top fan favorites but he is one of the true good guys in the industry. I’ve had the privilege of meeting a number of WWE Superstars, including Darren. He has always been one of the most polite, respectful and approachable stars on the roster. Its really a shame this had to happen. We certainly wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. 

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