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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Neville is reportedly happy after leaving the WWE

Nithin Joseph
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What is Neville's next move?
What is Neville's next move?

What's the story?

On the most recent episode of the Wrestling Observer podcast, Dave Meltzer reported that former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and WWE wrestler Neville is happy after leaving the company.

In case you didn't know...

There have been various alleged reasons behind why Neville requested his release from the WWE. Some reports have suggested that he wanted to reinvent his career like Drew McIntyre, whereas others suggested that Neville wasn't happy being forced to lose to Enzo Amore.

The heart of the matter

During the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that former WWE wrestler Neville is happy after his release from the promotion

Also on the podcast, Meltzer heavily criticized, not just the treatment that Neville received, but alsohow the entire 205 Live roster has been treated so far. He commented on how 205 Live, even though a very talented division, has been treated unfairly and hasn't been given the attention it deserves.

He stated that 205 Live has been reduced to a show that no one really cares about, and despite the fact that Neville has had some great matches and segments in the Cruiserweight division, it isn't enough for a superstar of his calibre.

Austin Aries left the WWE earlier this year, similarly to how Neville reportedly has now.
Austin Aries left the WWE earlier this year, similarly to how Neville reportedly has now.

Meltzer even compared Neville to Austin Aries, whom he believed was very much in the same position as Neville. He was putting on great matches and cutting great promos, but the fact was, no one cared about 205 Live.

He also felt that many talents like Rich Swann and most of the 205 Live roster are being wasted in this division and that the division was only suitable for those wrestlers who were looking for a steady, well-paying job.

However, he did state that one person who was enjoying his time and doing very well in the division is Enzo Amore.

What's next?

If what Dave Meltzer says is true, then Neville will be considering his options. There are various independent promotions who would be thrilled to have Neville on their roster, with NJPW, ROH and WCPW all reportedly being interested.

Author's take

Its impossible to not agree with Meltzer when you think about the career Neville had in the WWE. It literally was a clear example of a career that went down the hill.

However, with his recent departure from the company (although not officially confirmed), numerous options have opened up for the former King of the Cruiserweights. He has even received an invite from the infamous Bullet Club. Only time will tell what Neville has planned for his career.

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