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WWE News: Dave Meltzer wants WWE to use Tye Dillinger's momentum for the Royal Rumble

The "Perfect 10" is tipped to make the main WWE roster soon.

Tye Dillinger could be a suprise entrant in the Royal Rumble
Does a perfect entry await Dillinger at the Royal Rumble?

Tye Dillinger has certainly been on the rise in recent weeks, and in the latest NXT show, he defeated Eric Young to book a place in the Fatal 4-way #1 contender’s match for the title. The 35-year-old has also been involved in a bit of a feud with the Miz which could lead to a shot at the Intercontinental title.

While those rumours gain steam, Dave Meltzer shared his opinion in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter about the “Perfect 10” and what his introduction to the main roster could do for the WWE. Meltzer also revealed how the company could use his “10” gimmick to good use.

"If they’ve got any thoughts of using Dillinger’s momentum to good use, they [do the obvious and have him debut by entering No. 10 at the Rumble. If not, then they probably see him as a flash in the pan thing that people will get over in time.“

Meltzer also expected big things to come from the crowd as they have been extremely vocal in supporting Dillinger. He believes the “10” chants from the NXT faithful could even match the infamous “What” chants that Stone Cold Steve Austin was known for.

“It has been suggested to me that there is danger of the “10" becoming this generation’s version of “What,” where people chant it every time the ref does a count (which they do on shows with him already and did in Toronto on the other shows he wasn’t on) and in time, that would be something they’d regret introducing long-term."

The Canadian Sensation isn’t new to the WWE as he was part of the ECW roster a few years ago. Under the Teddy Long run brand, Dillinger wrestled under the name of Gavin Spears but was let go in less than six months in 2008.

Dillinger will be hopeful of a bigger impact this time around, and his push certainly seems to be working as he could be winning the NXT title soon. Take a look at his recent match against Eric Young:


However, the 35-year-old shouldn’t get too ahead of himself, as more often than not, making the transition from NXT to the RAW or SmackDown Live brand is tough, but with his “perfect” fans behind him, Dillinger could have a bright future in the WWE.  

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