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WWE News: David Arquette vows to return to the squared circle - WWE hints it could be for them

Gary Cassidy
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David Arquette is returning to wrestling!

What's the story?

Scream actor and former WCW Champion David Arquette made a major announcement during his appearance on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday, revealing that he is planning to make his return to the squared circle as David “Magic Man” Arquette!

And perhaps even more shockingly, WWE took to social media to tout that it may be in their squared circle.

In case you didn't know...

Well, many people have called it "The moment WCW died" and it's often the single moment quoted as the most ridiculous in wrestling, not to mention Vince Russo still being lambasted for bringing it to fruition. 

In 2000, after filming the World Championship Wrestling movie Ready to Rumble, David Arquette was utilized on WCW television for his name value. While it innocently started with Arquette sitting in the crowd before leaping into the ring to confront Eric Bischoff and his New Blood stable, this soon escalated beyond belief.

 Arquette allied himself with Chris Kanyon and then reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page and, with their help, defeated Bischoff in a singles match on an April edition of Nitro. As a result, on the following edition of Thunder, Arquette teamed with DDP in a match against Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett. Innocuous, right? Well, not with the stipulation that was added - whoever got the pin would take the championship.

Yep, of course, Arquette pinned Bischoff again to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in the process.

David Arq
David Arquette with DDP

During his short time as champion, Arquette successfully defend the title against Tank Abbott with help from Diamond Dallas Page. After a...successful 12-day reign, Arquette dropped the title at Slamboree when he was booked to defend the championship against Jarrett and Page in a Triple Cage match - mirroring the finale of Ready to Rumble.

Arquette turned on DDP to allow Jarrett to win. He appeared on WCW TV a couple of times since, once taking a Diamond Cutter as his receipt.

It since emerged that Arquette was totally against becoming the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, believing that fans like himself would detest a non-wrestler winning the title but Vince Russo insisted that it would be good for the company and for publicity. All the money he made during his WCW tenure was donated to the families of Owen Hart (who died in a freak accident), Brian Pillman (who died from an undiagnosed heart condition), and Darren Drozdov (who became a quadriplegic after an in-ring accident).

David Arq
David Arquette makes his appearance at Slamboree

Just two years later, Arquette appeared on SmackDown, popping up in the crowd with a sign that said "Former WCW World Champ" and then in 2010, Arquette appeared on Raw as one of the presenters during the 2010 Slammy Awards. Arquette even teamed with Alex Riley in a handicap match in a losing effort against Randy Orton. Arquette was powerbombed through a table by Orton after he and Miz tried to beat up The Viper.

The heart of the matter

During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show,” David Arquette revealed that he is planning to make his return to the squared circle, even saying he will return as David “Magic Man” Arquette.

For 18 years, I’ve been trolled on the internet and I just want to bring some respect back to my name!

Well, WWE took to social media to tout that the return may well be in a WWE ring, posting an article on which reads:

It remains to be seen if Arquette’s return will bring him back to WWE to prove the naysayers wrong and show that history should look fondly upon his WCW Title reign.

What's next?

Well, who knows? It'll be interesting to see where Arquette pops up if he goes through with his vow. Let's just hope his world title reigns are limited to zero this time around.

What do you think about David Arquette return to wrestling?

Let us know in the comments below.

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