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WWE News: Details of Shawn Michaels' backstage fight revealed by former WWE Champion

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What's the story?

Shawn Michaels wasn't always the sexy boy of the WWE. HBK's braggadocious past is no secret to the fans as stories from the 90s about Michaels' drug-fuelled cockiness have been told countless times before. The details regarding some are quite comprehensive and out in the public domain while others are as obscure as they come.

One such infamous backstage confrontation between Michaels and the Harris brothers that happened at the iconic MSG has different versions to it till this date. Pshyco Sid aka Sid Vicious shed some light on what happened on that fateful night that forced one of the Harris brothers to nearly choke Michaels.

In case you didn't know...

Michaels may have got his life back on track but it wasn't an easy ride. He may have been one of the greatest, if not the greatest in-ring technician of all time but it came with a price. As is with the case with many superstars, success got to his head in the early stages of his career that gave birth to an arrogance that his peer just couldn't stand. From rubbing fellow superstars the wrong way to almost losing his life to substance abuse, Michaels has been to hell and back.

His struggles are well-documented and the born-again Christian thankfully got over his inner demons to put together one of the most storied careers in pro wrestling history.

Coming back to the MSG incident...

The heart of the matter

In an interview with The Hannibal TV, Psycho Sid opened up about what actually happened that night between HBK and the Harris brothers, better known as the Blue Brothers in WWE and Bruise Brothers from their time in ECW.

Back in the day, travelling on the road for various shows was financially quite a stressful ordeal. Many of the stars wouldn't get paid in time and this meant they didn't have the necessary resources to survive lengthy tours. The financial crunch often resulted in wrestlers leaving the company as they just couldn't afford to go on the road. The Harris brothers were in a similar situation and had already decided to part ways with the WWE.

October 9th was earmarked to be their final day in the company and the duo just went about finishing up their final obligations with WWE, one of which happened to be the MSG show that happened on the 5th of October.

Backstage during the show, Michaels was at his unfiltered best and according to Sid Vicious, labelled the Harris brothers as a bunch of quitters and pussies. HBK's comments were totally uncalled for as he was well-protected and paid handsomely back then. Ron Harris naturally got enraged and grabbed Michaels by the throat and slammed him against the wall. The situation was diffused in time and Kevin Nash had to step in to calm the storm.


Nash, who was close to both Michaels and Harris brothers was quite disturbed in the aftermath of the incident and has since stated that he understood the reasons behind the Harris brothers' outburst. A majority of the roster hated Michaels during that period and he was left alone only because of his backstage power.

Check out Sid Vicious' version of the confrontation:

The Harris brothers went onto to wrestle for ECW, WCW and a brief WWE return before retiring in 2003 to venture out into fields such as marketing, production and artist management.

As for Michaels, well, do we really need to remind you of his accolades?

What's next?

Michaels will be coming out of retirement after nearly 8 years to reunite with fellow X member Triple H in a match against the Brothers of Destruction at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 2nd, 2018.

Just one word: Nostalgia!