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WWE News: Details of Vince McMahon WWE biopic revealed

Here are the details of Vince McMahon's upcoming biopic.

News 26 Apr 2017, 00:38 IST
A major movie studio will be working on the WWE Vince McMahon biopic.

TriStar Pictures is reportedly set to helm the highly-coveted movie project- the Vince McMahon WWE biopic Pandemonium. As per HollywoodReporter, renowned movie studio TriStar is in negotiations to acquire the biopic that is based on the life of WWE Chairman and CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who direct and executive produce the hit US-television show This Is Us, are presently in talks to direct Pandemonium. Craig A. Williams has written the script of the WWE-based biopic and Andrew Lazar (the producer of American Sniper) will produce the project along with Michael Luisi (President of WWE Studios) and Adam Goldworm of Aperture Entertainment. Charlie Gogolak of Zaftig Films will serve as the Executive Producer for Pandemonium.

The highly-coveted movie script that promises to chronicle the life and career of Mr.McMahon has been circulating all around the Hollywood market since last summer. However, most studios, despite liking the script, initially hesitated to bid for it as the WWE and McMahon himself had not given their blessings for Tinseltown to go forward with it. Nevertheless, WWE has now given the project the green signal, with the aforementioned Andrew Lazar acquiring Vince McMahon’s life rights.

The Pandemonium script hit the Hollywood market once again a few weeks back and given the fact that it now has McMahon’s go-ahead, several movie studios chimed in with their bids. Regardless, TriStar is reported to have bid the highest, even going as far as decorating their offices with WWE paraphernalia.

Sportskeeda will keep the WWE Universe updated on the highly-touted Vince McMahon biopic- aptly named ‘Pandemonium’- as and when more details are revealed in the weeks to come.  

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