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WWE News: Diamond Dallas Page reveals he wanted the late Dusty Rhodes to induct him into HOF

Diamond Dallas Page reveals who he wanted to induct him into the Hall Of Fame originally.

News 24 Feb 2017, 14:02 IST
The man Diamond Dallas Page originally envisioned inducting him in is no longer with us to do so.

What’s the story?

Former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Champion Diamond Dallas Page has finally found his way to the Hall Of Fame. DDP will be inducted as one of the premiere inductees in the 2017 class.

While he hasn’t announced who will be doing the honours of inducting him when the time comes, DDP admitted, in a recent interview with YouTuber Myles, that the man who he always thought would do it, Dusty Rhodes, is no longer with us.

In case you didn’t know...

Rhodes passed away in June of 2015 after losing his battle with stomach cancer. He was 69-years-old.

The heart of the matter

Here’s what Page had to say about wanting Rhodes to induct him into the Hall Of Fame (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

"I never dreamed that I'd be a Hall Of Famer man. It wasn't my mission in the beginning because I went from a manager, to a wrestler. You know, at 35 in a match, so to ever think that I would be in this spot - I'm super honored and humbled to be here. When it comes to doing that speech, it's gonna be bittersweet because the guy who would've inducted me would've been Dusty Rhodes. And without him being there it's gonna - You can even hear it in my voice right? When I think about it. You know it hits me hard. So I'm really looking forward to it though man. It's a dream come true."

What’s next?

Rhodes inducting Page into the Hall Of Fame would have been an epic and emotional moment, but certainly, the WWE will find a more than suitable replacement to do the honour.

Sportskeeda’s take

Page transformed the industry after his invention of DDP Yoga which has extended the careers of many Superstars today. Rhodes inducting him into the Hall Of Fame would’ve been great, but he’ll definitely be watching with a smile from above.

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