WWE News: Did WWE predict 9/11?

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage with Elizabeth

The internet is laden with conspiracy theories regarding the infamous terrorist attacks on the twin towers. One can have their pick from a huge variety and ironically, most of them are logical and put forth a cogent argument. In only recent times, it has come to light that subliminal messaging has been a huge part of the television industry and the audience has been subconsciously perceiving concealed stimulus'. 

In a rather bizarre footage of a pre-match interview of the 1980s, you hear wrestlers Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage say “The Twin Towers come crumbling down”.

The attack on the Twin Towers

The interview starts with Gene Okerlund interviewing The Twin Towers tag team: Akeem and The Big Boss Man. “Gentlemen is this the match you wanted all along or are you going to continue your terrorist attacks on the Mega Powers and the defenceless Elizabeth, what do you want!?”

The two giants enter the ring and we are again taken backstage with Gene interviewing Hogan and Randy (with Elizabeth, Randy's wife, who was handcuffed in the previous episode).

Gene says: “Three people working as one, with one goal in mind, to defeat or should I say demolish the twin towers ?”

Hulk: “You have hit the heart of the matter, Brother. It is the law of man, that is going to supercharge the Mega Powers and tear down the twin towers”

And Savage in his ruthless tone, “...the twin towers will come crumbling down”

All this seems to be in context with the storyline but the dialogues seem too uncanny to be 'made up'.

The interview also has references to 'cold steel'(handcuffs here) but can also be related to the phrase that has been extensively used by conspiracy theorists “Jet fuel can't melt steel beams'.

Jarring to the core, the video is a treat for conspiracy theorists and wrestling fans.

Edited by Staff Editor
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