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WWE News: Did WWE really bid to purchase TNA?

Did the WWE really bid $2.5 million to purchase TNA?

Does the WWE really want to purchase TNA?

It was reported earlier that WWE and ROH (Ring of Honor) have put in bids to purchase rival promotion TNA, who are currently in the midst of a crisis and face an uncertain future. However, it has now come to the fore that it was Ring of Honor (ROH) and not WWE that have put in the offer for the promotion.

According to Ringsidenews, ROH wants to purchase the rival promotion to secure their television deals and have no plans of continuing TNA. However, a huge stumbling block in any potential move for the promotion is its complicated ownership structure.

Dixie Carter owns 70% of the company while TNA President Billy Corgan and another investor hold the other 30%. Corgan has also expressed his interest in purchasing the entire rights of the promotion.

It has also been reported that WWE may only be interested in purchasing the promotion to access their video library to add to its growing collection of wrestling archives in the WWE Network. The WWE have no plans to keep the promotion going as a separate event or as part of it’s weekly or monthly schedule.

On an average, one hour of taping costs the WWE $500, so considering the 14,000 hours of videos that TNA would have taped over the course of its 14-year long life-span would cost the company roughly $7 million and hence purchasing the company outright makes more sense.

WWE has impressed one and all with its massive collection of videos on the WWE Network and adding TNA to that list would make a whole lot of sense. Another scenario that makes a compelling argument is for the WWE to keep TNA up and running as a Network exclusive show, just like the NXT.

According to reputed journalist Dave Meltzer, Impact Wrestling is looking to sell the promotion for something between $4-$6 million and also confirmed that he had not heard of any interest from the WWE to purchase TNA.

It will be interesting to note how the upcoming few days pan out for TNA and to whom, if at all, they are sold to. What do you think about the future of TNA? Does it have sufficient brand value to sustain itself or one of ROH or WWE will purchase it, only to scrap it? Or will the WWE keep it alive as a Network exclusive show.

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