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WWE News: Edge claims that WWE pushed Jason Jordan way too early

Soumik Datta
3.02K   //    03 Oct 2017, 23:46 IST

Jason Jordan
Jason Jordan

What’s the story?

During the latest episode of the Edge & Christian podcast, former WWE World Heavyweight champion Edge opined that WWE decided to push Jason Jordan as a singles Superstar way too early.

In case you didn’t know…

On 17th July 2017, Jordan was drafted to Raw and was revealed as Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son. Jordan was first called up to the main roster alongside his then tag team partner, Chad Gable, and the duo was signed with the blue brand of Smackdown Live.

Jordan and Gable made quite an impact as a team, ever since signing with WWE, winning the NXT Tag team titles and also the SD Live Tag Team titles.

American Alpha officially disbanded once Jordan was drafted to Raw and was pitched in a storyline, where he plays the role of Kurt Angle’s son. Since then Jordan has been performing as a singles superstar.

The heart of the matter

During the recent show of the E&C podcast, Edge and Christian discussed a lot of topics such as John Cena passing on the torch to Roman Reigns at No Mercy, and the duo also praised The Miz. The former WWF Tag Team champions admitted that WWE pushed Jason Jordan way too early.

During the episode, Edge blamed the WWE creative for not building up Jason Jordan as Chad Gable's tag team partner. The former World Champion thinks that WWE should have let the duo have a formidable run in the main roster as a team, and should have waited on until the fans actually asked for a singles push for Jordan.

Christian agreed with Edge’s statement and later added that now that Jordan is linked with someone like Kurt Angle, he will forever be compared to Angle inside the ring. He thinks that the former American Alpha member will now have to carry a huge burden on his shoulders due to him being related with Kurt Angle (kayfabe wise).

What’s next?

Jason Jordan was currently in a short-term feud with The Miz over the Intercontinental championship, which Jordan failed to capture at No Mercy earlier this month.

The former American Alpha member now finds himself replacing the injured Jeff Hardy and teaming up with his brother Matt, occasionally on Monday Night Raw. However, teaming up with a veteran like Matt Hardy isn’t helping Jordan much either as he is still struggling to get over with the WWE Universe.

Author’s take

I completely agree with Edge’s statement here, I think WWE pushed Jordan way too soon and made a mistake by breaking up American Alpha.

Jordan currently seems directionless and is without a storyline, and it doesn’t seem like that a heel turn is going to help him either (especially if he keeps on taking pinfalls every week on TV).

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