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WWE News: Emma released by WWE

37.21K   //    29 Oct 2017, 21:41 IST

Let's hope
We all wish her the best

It's been a wild ride for WWE's first-ever Austrailian female Superstar. Things were looking pretty bright for Emma as she led her Emmalution to the main roster and became a bubble-popping favourite on television.

Alongside Santino Marella, she was relegated to a comedy role and she couldn't have been happy, but she still did her job every week no matter how difficult it might have been to get her over.

There was an incident when she shoplifted an iPad case a couple of years ago and WWE released her from her contract. However, WWE might have seen the writing on that wall that if they released Emma for accidentally shoplifting an item that wasn't even worth much then they could be forced to release even more Superstars later on. Besides, it was an incident which occurred at a self-checkout at it was said to be a complete accident which is understandable because sometimes those machines have a mind of their own.

Emma was recently granted the opportunity of performing against Asuka during her first main-roster match in WWE at TLC. Asuka won the match but it wasn't an easy endeavour for The Empress Of Tommorrow because Emma still put up a pretty good fight. The next night on Raw saw Emma losing to Asuka once again but it was still a pretty good contest and not the squash match that most fans were expecting in the slightest.

There was some thinking within the IWC that WWE could be preparing Emma for a push of some sorts considering the fact she was highlighted in such a was at TLC. But all of those hopes for a better run with the women responsible for WWE's Women's Revolution area apparently just that: hopes.

Becuase WWE recently announced they have come to terms with the release of Emma. We wish her well in all of her future endeavours. This looks like an official release as well. Therefore anyone holding out hope that WWE could be figuring out a clever way of repackaging Emma into Emmalina once again might be really overthinking the situation.

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