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WWE News: Emma returning earlier than expected?

Emma may be returning sooner than anticipated.

Emma and Dana Brooke’s pairing suited both of them greatly

Emma has been considered to be one of WWE’s most underutilized female talents in the past few years. She was the top female star of NXT along with Paige at one point. Her first main roster run had been a major disappointment due to her pairing with Santino Marella, something that simply did not click. Upon her request, she went back down to NXT, and improved significantly.

Apart from being talented in the ring, she also developed her character. Plus, her pairing with the fresh, green Dana Brooke did wonders for both of them. They complemented each other, and the pairing simply clicked. Both of their final feuds in NXT was against Asuka, with Dana Brooke facing Asuka at NXT Takeover: Respect, and Emma facing her at NXT Takeover: London. The latter was an extremely good match, showcasing how good Emma can be.

Emma finally got her main roster call-up right before Wrestlemania, aligning with Lana, Naomi, Tamina and Summer Rae in a 10-Divas tag team match, being on the losing end. After Wrestlemania, she slowly began a feud with Becky Lynch, getting the upper hand week after week. This was when Dana Brooke made her main roster debut, and the feud with Emma and Dana against Becky was going in a very positive direction. 

Unfortunately, the momentum was stopped after Emma was injured and had to undergo a major back surgery in the middle of May. Her return time back then was said to be around six months, which would mean November, around Survivor Series time. However, it is now being said that she may return sooner than expected.

According to CageSide Seats, Emma was supposedly backstage on this week's Raw and is expected to make her return very soon. Perhaps October would be an ideal time, returning a month earlier than expected. This comes in good time, as Dana Brooke and Charlotte have been teasing a split for a while now.

If Emma does return soon, it could be in a storyline where she is paired with Dana Brooke once more. This would definitely help to regain the momentum that she lost last time, and it would also do wonders for Dana Brooke as well, who clicks with Emma more than she does with Charlotte. 

Emma would definitely have a good place on the Raw roster with their women's division just beginning to pick up.

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