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WWE News: Enzo Amore is wearing his Cruiserweight Championship everywhere

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Enzo is Cruiserweight Champion and he won't ever let you forget it

What's the story?

Enzo Amore is an extremely high-energy Superstar. He is very proud of everything he's been able to accomplish from his status with WWE to every royalty check he cashes.

Now as WWE Cruiserweight Champion it appears Enzo can't drop the act for any amount of time, even if he's out in public taking part in civilian activities.

In case you didn't know...

Enzo Amore and Big Cass were the Realest Guys In The Room and became one of the most popular teams in NXT and WWE. Although they were raking in the money and fan attention they failed to pick up tag team gold.

A lot of people considered Big Cass as the one earmarked for a solid main event run with was solidified by the fact he kicked his little buddy's head off and turned heel.

However, you can never predict an injury and they kind Big Cass suffered on the day after SummerSlam was a knee injury that will take Colin Cassady out of action for a considerable amount of time.

The heart of the matter

It didn't take WWE long to figure out that Enzo needed to be placed on 205 Live. Although he's not the best wrestler in the WWE Cruiserweight Division, his mouth does plenty of great work.

Enzo defeated Neville at No Mercy to pick up the Cruiserweight Title and since then Enzo's been even more braggadocious and unbearable than ever.

The WWE Cruiserweight Champion has started carrying his title everywhere he goes at this point. Obviously, Enzo Amore doesn't want anyone to forget who he is, and if they need a reminder he can just show them this title.

“And i will go on shining! Shining like brand new! I’ll never look behind me! My troubles will be through!” ..... turnin up with this bih

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What's next?

Enzo Amore might not be a solid performer in the ring but he works okay as long as you place people with him who can carry a match. He's actually bringing people to 205 Live which is a good thing.

So don't expect Enzo's reign to end anytime soon because as long as people are tuning in to see what he'll say next, Enzo's WWE Cruiserweight Championship probably isn't going anywhere.

Author's take

The case of Enzo Amore is quite a puzzling one. He went from being love with no titles to being despised with a title in no time flat.

The reality of his backstage heat leaking out might have had something to do with it. But Enzo's personality also might have just lost his fan base.

No matter if he's getting cheered or booed there will always be a portion of the audience who will want to see Enzo do his thing. The number of people on his side might dwindle each week, but bringing in someone like Kalisto to face Enzo won't really give them a reason to jump ship now if they haven't already.

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