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WWE News: Enzo Amore on challenges he faced during the Lana segment on Raw and more

The 'Certified G' compared his and Big Cass' team to that of Shawn Michaels and Diesel.

Enzo felt that he had been asked to play a kind of character that wasn’t like him

Raw superstar Enzo Amore recently appeared on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast where he discussed his segment involving Lana and Rusev on Raw a couple of weeks back. He also spoke about how his combination with Big Cass is similar to the team of Shawn Michaels and Diesel (Kevin Nash).

Opening up on the events that transpired in the 5 December episode of Raw, Enzo said that he was extremely proud that the WWE entrusted him with multiple segments on the same night. However, he shared the credit for pulling them off with the other people involved as well.

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This is what the ‘Smacktalker Skywalker’ had to say: 

“More than anything, I think I prided myself on, when it was all said and done, the faith the company had in me to carry, I wouldn't call it 'carry' because there were other people involved, for sure, that without them it wouldn't be possible, but by the same token, to have seven segments on a television show.”

The biggest challenge that Amore said he faced was the fact that he had to play the kind of guy that he was not, just to gather the sympathy of fans. However, according to him, he was acting shy not because he was scared of Rusev but because he did not want to have something to do with another man’s wife. The ‘Certified G’ said:

“For me, in this scenario, I was presented with a challenge I never saw before because they don't want you to be Enzo right now. Enzo would go in there and start making 'Certified D' jokes.And I had an arsenal ready, but when I got there, I understood the situation.And the situation was, at this point, you deserve every beatdown that you get.

So to garner those people's sympathies, I was playing the shy, 'I don't want to be here,' 'I've got to get out of here,' the second I got myself into that situation I knew it wasn't the right one and I made a bad decision and I wanted to get out of there. But it wasn't because I was scared of Rusev, it was because I didn't want to do something with another man's wife.”

When asked whether he was scared that the team of Enzo and Cass would break up if they start concentrating on their singles careers, Enzo Amore claimed that they both want each other to have a great singles run. He compared their situation to that of Shawn Michaels and Diesel in the 1990s when they were the tag team champions while also holding the Intercontinental and the Heavyweight titles.

“Never, never, never. Never that. I'm hoping Big Cass gets a great singles run and vice versa. And I think we pull for each other in that regard because if you remember back in the day when Michaels and Diesel were running hot as Tag Team Champions, and they had the I.C. title and the Heavyweight Championship,” Enzo stated.

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